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Scene 1:

Abandon all hope,

Ye who enter here.

Mother Mary smiled weakly at the couple before her. They seemed nice enough, she supposed, but they were just a little… odd. Not what she'd expect people seeking to adopt would look like. They were young, for one thing. Probably barely over twenty. Or maybe it was the young lady's numerous peircings that bothered her. Her nose, tongue, ears, lips, eyebrows, and her exposed navel were all studded with metal. But her face was sweet and innocent, with a sheet of blonde hair falling behind it. Or maybe it was the way the young man's face was so eerily self confident, or the way his eyes seemed to scan every facet of whatever they locked on. Then again, he spoke calmly and politely, and his demeanor was relaxed and friendly.

The old nun's smile wavered for a moment, then she caught herself and righted it. She clapped her hands together gently, more to focus her own attention than to indicate matters at hand. "Well then…" She said, sweetly, "You'd like to adopt a child?"

The couple glanced at each other and exchanged smiles. Threading his arm around his wife's waist, the young man nodded to Mary, grinning. "Yes. More than one, actually." His wife giggled shyly, clinging to her young husband eagerly.

Mary nodded, flipping through a thick file on her desk. "I see. And how many were you thinking?" She asked, her voice still sweet.

The pair glanced at each other again, then the man shrugged. "We haven't decided. We just figured we'd take a look around, and see which ones we thought we could help."

Mary nodded again, closing the folder and looking up. "You are aware, of course, of the Forgiving Saint's Ophanage's… stigma, aren't you?"

The man nodded again, not put off in the least. "Of course. The orphans here are the ones who couldn't get along in other orphanages. They were… how did that priest put it…. 'too easily exciteable?' By which I take to mean they had a violent or bullying streak."

Mother Mary's lips pressed into a thin line. "Indeed." She said, curtly. "And you would like to adopt a group? None of the children here are related."

The man began to tap his foot impatiently. "Yes," His wife said, softly but firmly, "We are sure. May we see the children now?"

Mary glanced between the two of them, then nodded, opening a side door out of her office, leading directly into a dormitory where a number of scruffy looking, poorly dressed children, ages anywhere between 6 and 13, were scattered about, engaged in various activities. A black haired girl in a blue dress sat in the corner, tears rolling down a bruised face. A few feet from her, a scrawny kid with long, red hair was actively pummeling a somewhat more rotund brown haired boy.

"Peter!" Mary shrieked, striding across the room and separating the two boys with suprising strength.

"Lemme go!" The red haired boy howled, still swinging his bloody knuckled fists. "That fat shit hit Maggie!"

Though Peter wasn't apparently hurt, tears streamed down his face, furthur staining his already blood soaked shirt. The other boy, however, was a mess. His nose was definitely broken, and his lips were split in several places. He wasn't crying, but a slow, steady moan escaped his mangled face.

Mary dropped Peter and scooped up the injured child, turning to face the couple, a pained expression on her face. "I need to get him to a hospital. Please, watch over this children for me." She hated asking them, especially since she wasn't sure she trusted the couple to begin with, but the child in her arms was In desperate need of medical attention.

The couple nodded wordlessly and separated, each heading to different parts of the room. The fight had apprently not even fazed the other orphans, as they didn't pay any attention when it ended and Mary swept out of the room.

As soon as the door had shut, Peter cocked back his fist and threw and infuriated punch at the man put in his charge. The young man smiled, and effortlessly caught the boy's fist. In a deft movement, he twisted the child's arm and swept out his feet, sending Peter into a graceless somersault to land on his back, knocking the wind out of the child. "Now now," The man admonished, grinning. "You shouldn't start fights you can't win."

The wife shot an alarmed look at her husbad from her position kneeling with Maggie. "Levid…" She said weakly, eyes pleading. "Don't hurt the boy…"

Levid laughed softly, shrugging. "He threw himself at me knowing that he was outclassed. He got what he deserved. Look at him, Lilith, he's taking it like a man."

Peter was back on his feet, red faced and gasping for breath, glaring daggers at Levid. Though every muscle in his body was primed to attack, he witheld, and instead circled the man, edging ever closer to Maggie, who watched the entire scene wide eyed.

Levid sighed and glanced about at the children, all of whom were now squarely focused on him. "Well well. Looks like I got your attention." He turned about once, a cocky smile plastered over his face, making sure that all eyes were on him. "Then I guess I can say what needs to be said. Some of you, like those two there," He said, gesturing towards Peter and Maggie, "Are like me and Lil. Got that spark in you. That…" He cast about for a word. "That darkness. That insatiable desire… that hunger… you feel me? That no matter how much you eat, you're never full. Whenever you fight, you just want more. Whatever you break, you wish was whole, just so you could break it again. Am I right?" He glanced around at them again.

A one of the children's eyes held a slow, dawning recognition. The boy was maybe eleven or twelve, with dark black hair and brilliant blue eyes. Another child, this one perhaps seven, had sandy blonde hair, and a look of terrified knowledge in his hazel eyes. A third, a girl of probably 13, most likely the oldest in the group, simply had a cold, hard, acceptance gleaming from the pitch black orbs in her delicately sculpted, light brown face. The other children simply blinked in confusion and glanced around at each other.

The smile itched up a bit furthur on Levid's face. He could tell that this girl felt like him. "Well…" He began, eyes locked on the dark skinned girl. "I have good news for you types. The ones like Lil and me. I can teach you to embrace that nature, and live in harmony with it." He jerked a thumb over his shoulder towards Lilith and Maggie. "And Lil can teach you to control it, and suppress it. But…" He held up a finger, grinning. "You have to want to learn." He dropped his hands to his sides and glanced around again. "Well? Any takers?"

The dark skinned girl slid off her cot immediately and joined Levid wordlessly. Peter glanced about for a moment, his face still red, then grudgingly moved to Levid as well. "I ain't gonna call you 'sir'." He said threateningly, gazing up defiantly.

Levid simply nodded, grinning at the boy. Maggie watched Peter for a moment, then wrapped her arms around Lilith's calves, sobbing. The sandy haired boy watched the exchange nervously. Then, hesitantly, he slid off his cot and approached Lilith slowly, kneeling next to Maggie.

Levid grinned, placing a hand on the heads of each of the children at his sides. Peter jerked away, snarling, but the dark skinned girl remained stoically silent. Then, without warning, another boy, this one burly with large, bug eyes, approached Levid. Levid frowned at the child and opened his mouth to speak, but never got the chance. The dark skinned girl twisted out from under his hand and, in a shockingly fluid motion, smashed her foot into the boy's throat, sending him reeling backwards, gasping for air. "You…" She seethed, voice dripping disdain, "Are not strong enough."

Levid's eyes widened with delight, and he replaced his hand on his newfound protégé's head. "True dat, my little friend." He crowed, gazing at the girl as one might a puppy.

"Levid…" Lilith's voice said again. "We should go…"

Levid nodded, turning about to face her. "You're right. Let's get out of here before the matron gets back."

The sandy haired boy looked up, wide eyed. "B-but… you can't just leave! We… we have to wait until Mother Mary gets back!" He sqeaked, clinging to Lilith's thighs.

Lilith wrapped an arm around the children at her legs, smiling disarmingly. "Oh, I know. Normally, we would. But, you see, we can't. You children are… special. If records of you are kept, you might be endangered. That's why we have to leave… off the record."

"D… danger?" The boy said in his high pitched voice, glancing about nervously. "Oh… b-but… um…"

"Don't worry, Mark." A small, soothing voice said from Lilith's calves. Maggie lifted her head slowly, and peered up at Levid through swollen eyes. "They're dangerous… but not to us. They'll keep us safe… right?"

The malicious fire slowly dimmed, then died out of Levid's eyes, and an edge of softness took to them. "Of course." He said in a fatherly tone, "I'll protect you with my life."

Peter watched the exchange thoughtfully. "Alright then, what are we waitin' for? Let's get out of here before Mary gets back. C'mon Shiva," he said, taking the brown skinned girl's hand. Shiva showed something resembling surprise, but didn't resist as she was guided from the room. Levid followed soon after, chuckling softly to himself. Lilith stood and ushered Mark and Maggie from the room, then turned to the rest of the children with a smile. "Don't worry. We were just a figment of your imaginations. Better left forgotten."

With that, she closed the door behind her and departed.

And there's chapter 1. I've actually enjoyed writing this a whole lot. I like all the characters, especially Shiva. It's just fun to write about a girl who kicks a lot of ass. Lilith and Levid are fun too. Lilith's placid calmness, only disrupted by occasional bouts of worry, and Levid's malicious streak, tinged with a touch of honest affection. They're both fun characters. Maggie and Peter are pretty fun too, and originated from some random pictures I drew. Mark, honestly, irritates me, but his character is deeper than it seems.

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