"Where is she, you moron!" Cayden yelled as he turned to Gina. Scared, she replied with a quiet "I dunno,". He began to curse and yell louder. Leanna was still in tears. Gina looked as if she would be in a few seconds. Her face was red, her eyes began to water.

After a few minutes, Cayden assumed they were useless and walked away, angrily.

"Oh my God," Leanna whispered.

"Yeah, that was pretty close..." Gina said, wiping away a tear. "Poor Ivy, I wonder what he'll do when he finds her."

"When? No way! We are keeping her safe from that freak." Leanna defended. But lunch is almost over, Ivy thought. She will have to come out some time. Unless, we can make up some sort of excuse.


"Is it safe?" Ivy asked, nervously.

"I think so. I think Cayden's gone." Natalie opened the stall and slowly crept out of the washroom. GIna and Leanna were talking outside one of the lockers.

"Hey, is the coast clear?" Natalie asked.

"Yes," Gina said. "and Leanna has devised a plan to keep our poor victim friend safe."

"Yeah? Lemme hear it." Natalie said, intrigued. Leanna told her all about the plan, and Natalie went back into the washroom to get Ivy.

"Gimme your cell." Natalie ordered Ivy. "We need to call someone." Ivy handed over the phone like a robot; silently and as she was asked without a word.

"Hello? May I speak to Ellen?"

To Be Continued...