A/N: When I typed this up on my computer, it was in a much cooler format then this. Unfortunately, I do not know how to make that format work here, so my implied meaning is not entirely shown here. I apologize.

An Angel Gone

Silver bells ring in chilly air

He stops and looks around

Rustle of white feathers

Reach cold, numb ears


He looks around

Sees no source of sound

Still hears the heavenly sound

Chiming in winter air


World melts in white light

Now he stands alone

Bells and wings within his mind


Not afraid


He sees:

Eyes of earthly brown

Filled with twinkling, wet tears

White wings beating the sky

In melancholic waves of sorrow


She waits

He waits

Heart bleeding at her sorrow

Unable to say





Waited too long to speak

Too long to understand


She is gone