The final light has been diminished
With the rhythmic drop of blood
The four drown in grains of victory
Watch the spirit rot in mud

But behold!
Something has been forgotten
A hidden strength within--
Hourglass of radiant energy.
Goes to rejoin its kin.

Ethereal forces swirl about--
(the four hear the spirit shout)
And combine, merge, into one
(dreams born for sweet Revolution)
Lights of indigos and blues
Rip the blanket of gray
And beneath insects of decay,
A dying spirit grows.

Ah, hope is revived!
The spirit begins to fly--
in a circle surrounding the four,
Who are now imprisoned.
The sky smiles down upon,
and feeds light to a weakened soul.
And finallly--
The spirit begins her Quest
To bring about disequilibrium,
Revolution has awakened from its rest.