Romeo and Juliet---

Classic Romeo and Juliet
Story of a boy and girl
Together until the end
Through all of the pain and hurt

Fallen in love; what can they do
When nobody agrees with them
Fallen in love; what will they do
Hold each other close during death

Ripped apart by their families
And they're kept locked away from the world
Even here love will not save them
Romeo and Juliet; boy and girl

Classic love story for all to hear
Love be with them 'til they die
Entered the church to see his dark fear
There she she does lay as he cries

Two broken hearts; what can they do
For he cannot live without her
Two broken hearts; what will they do
He can only breathe in her hurt


She awakens in the night
Sees him dead under her sheet
She does find his sweetened knife
And she plunges it so deep

Dying for love
Crying for the beloved
Dying for love
Dying for the beloved