There she stands in a pool of lust
She's wanted and she's all his
There she dances for this fake love
She's longed for and she's all his

Black negligee over her body
In the middle of a blood red room
Drapes do cover the bodies entwined
The mistress rises at the full moon

Beautiful lies cover her sins
Gorgeous body to bargain with
She sells it all; nothing to hide
Here and now; the mistress does rise

There she lays in a pool of sweat
She's driven and he want more
There she seduces for money
She's easy and he wants more

White lingerie over her body
Waiting to do what she's paid to do
Intoxicating his once sane mind
The mistress rises at the full moon


Mistress of heat
She comes out to feed
Mistress of lust
They can't get enough

Mistress of heat
Bring men to their knees
Mistress of lust
She sells all her love

(Chorus 2x)