Chapter One

Hi my name is Brandon. I'll be your "guide" if you will on this journey through what they call "the best years of your life", Yeah welcome to high school you big bunch of losers. So anyways. This is your directory, it'll serve you more purpose than you thought imaginable. Now let me show you how to use it. Let's look up my name...

Name: Brandon Deagan
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
Group: Shi-shizuka inc.
Gender: Male
Instrument: Bass player for Shi-Shizuka and occasionally other lead singer.
Favorite Weapon: Katanas
Hobbies: Hanging out with his girlfriend, checking all the hottest new punk bands, chillin' with Dsi and their associates, writing lyric poetry and just plain poetry, loves music, writes all the music he plays on bass, and proud chairman of the Shi-Shizuka Inc.
Sig Other If Applicable: Amanda Callihan
Notes: Very kind hearted guy, caring of his friends, but has a dark past he tries to run from.

Now that we used it I think you'll be set to try out your first day... Well good luck...

My name is Camden Romano. It has been a year since I met this Brandon guy. Here is what I learned off the directory about myself...

Name: Camden Romano
Age: 16
Grade: Junior
Group: Shi-Shizuka Inc.
Gender: Male
Instrument: Recently Tuba
Favorite Weapon: Baseball Bat
Hobbies: Listens to peoples problems, Plays guitar, likes to sing
Sig Other If Applicable: Single
Notes: School Organizer, Brandon's right hand man in many operations.

Yeah so that's me.

"Hey watch where you're going man," I hear Ryan say to me.

Just out of curiosity I looked him up even though I knew him for a year and a half now.

Name: Ryan Korenowski
Age: 17
Grade: Senior
Group: Shi-Shizuka Inc.
Gender: Male
Instrument: Guitar player for Shi-Shizuka
Favorite Weapon: Desert Eagle
Hobbies: Loves shooting targets, expert sharp shooter, loves guns, and plays guitar when he can.
Sig Other If Applicable: Single
Notes: Dangerous if armed..., doesn't always play with Shi when he doesn't, Amanda plays guitar

There is this really cute girl thats in Shi-Shizuka, She's their singer, here is her directory listing...

Name: Amanda Callahan
Age: 17
Grade: Senior
Group: Shi-Shizuka Inc.
Gender: Female
Instrument: Guitar/Piano and Singer for Shi-Shizuka
Favorite Weapon: Hockey Stick
Hobbies: Plays Hockey, Listens to music all the time, sings, writes music, and always chillin' with her band
Sig Other If Applicable: Brandon Deagan
Notes: Really pretty girl (most say). Very friendly, and loves music.

Yeah but she is taken by Brandon and he would kill me if I tried to go after her. So I have my eyes on this girl...

Name: Lindsay Monahan
Age: 16
Grade: Sophomore
Group: None (Amanda's Best Friend)
Gender: Female
Instrument: None
Favorite Weapon: Her Confusing Mind
Hobbies: being weird, being Independant
Sig Other if Applicable: Single
Notes: Weird but cool person

"Ok losers I'm tired of not having a name. I hate those punks as much as you guys do too. Anyone have a name for a band?" I yell as I look over to my girl Amanda.

"How About Hairy Moose?," Ryan yells from the back.
"Hell no," I yell, "is that your responce to everything in this band?"

"How about Shi-Shizuka, Silent Death?" I say.
"I like it," Amanda and Corey yell.
"Whatever Choose a name before I do it for us and you wouldn't like that, I'm riding on 'flaming dog crap for life'" Ryan exclaims.
"We're now Shi-Shizuka aight everyone? cool" I say.

And that was how Shi-Shizuka Inc. came to be. We are the SSC.

The day right now is the day after spring break ended. It was an okay weekend. Brandon and Amanda wouldn't talk about anything when people asked them any sort of question, not even the simplest questions like, "Hey how are you?" their response would be, "........" like they were dead.

I looked over at Ryan sitting on the railing of the stairs at school. He was staring out the window. It was a nice sight to be staring at too. It was a water treatment facility that smelled like shit, but Ryan was confusing in that way. So I left him alone to do his own crap (ha ha).

So I turned and walked down the hall. I stopped by my locker and waited for something to happen.


"Hey Camden" I hear Hetfield say.

John Hetfield was his name and here is his directory listing.

Name: John Hetfield
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
Group: Dsi's main man
Gender: Male
Instrument: Guitar/Bass
Favorite Weapon: His own Body preferably Hobbies: Wrestling, Writing, Playing with his band the ACEofSpades
Sig Other if Applicable: No one Knows her name but there is a girl. We call her Aims Of Spades for the hell of it though.
Notes: Weird but yet really nice guy has his own band, someone once said that he got in a fight with a Willie (Last name) and he through his ass through a brick wall (2 people saw this).

"Hey John," I say back.

Just then someone comes running my direction. I don't see them but I hear them. I turn to see a girls face just inches in front of mine as we both crash to the floor. As Willie comes running down the hall with a hand full of Mustard and ready to throw. It was Lindsay she had run into me. She had been trying to get away from the throwing of the Mustard. John steps up.

"Wiley! You haven't had enough fun screwing around with all my friends that now you are picking on innocent girls? DO I NEED TO TEACH YOU ONCE AGAIN THAT YOU MUST ACT YOUR AGE!?" He says as his voice gets louder with each sentence.

"No John! This is my fight" I yell.

"Step up then, Romantico" Willie says.

I punch him square in the face. I stare at his as he wipes the blood off his lip with the hand not filled with mustard. HE goes to exchange a punch. I got hit then he swung with his left and hit me again. MY face got covered in mustard. He went to exchange another right, but I caught it, but couldn't do anything cause he started to over power me. Seeing me struggle Hetfield Slid for his legs and knocked him down. Then John jumped on top of him beating him senseless. It took five minutes before the teacher had stopped John from killing Willie. The nurse called the hospital and Willie was sent there and John got suspended for 2 weeks and I only one. That day I knew somethings were gonna change.

I woke up a beautiful sunny day looked out at the sky and waited. I knew not from what. I walked out onto my patio, took out my Katana and started swinging it. I finally got a mannequin dummy from the mall from a friend. It was my practice target. It only has a head, an arm and half a leg left all in tact. Every other part was brutally cut off by me. (HAHA). After that I ate a nice breakfast went for a walk while I called my girlfriend.

"Hi hun," she answered.
"Hey how are you?"
"Not bad. and you?" she said.
"I'm ok, I love you"
"I love you too." I hear her say.

I pushed the doorbell to her house and heard it on the phone.

"Oh hun hold on a sec. someone is at the door," She said.
"Ok," I say with a weird smile on my face.

She opens the door with the phone in hand.

"I'm gonna go now. some hot boy showed up at my house I'm sorry what we had won't work." She said on the phone and she hung up and gave me a kiss. "I missed you"

"Yeah so who were you talking to on the phone," I ask with a smirk on my face.
"Oh, that was my boyfriend, I just dumped him though," she said.

We always played around with each other like that. That's why people think we've stayed together so long is that we can joke about break ups cause we don't think we are ever going to.

We went to the mall to meet up with that dorky Camden guy. We all hung out and talked about him becoming a member of Shi-Shizuka Inc.

So yeah, It's been a week now that I've been back in school. John's suspension should end within the next 24 hours. I got into deep trouble for my suspension. I'm grounded for 2 more weeks now and I cannot make any associations with any of my group members for the duration either. It feels good to finally have friends that you know you can count on.

"Hey Camden! Welcome to Shi-Shizuka." I yelled over to Camden sitting across from me.

We just met this kid. He hasn't got much of a reputation, but I've always loved looking out for "the little guys". After all I used to be one too. Until I met all my friends and my cute girlfriend Amanda Callahan. It all was evening out since my first year in high school. I was the lowest piece of shit ever. No one liked me. I had one friend, one, his name was Ryan Korenowski. We have been friends since I guess 6th grade, but we actually started hanging out in 7th. I met my really beautiful girlfriend Amanda in the summer of 2005, so yeah it's been about a half a year considering it is now winter of 2005. But yeah I really think things will work out for this Camden guy.

Another week has passed and John is now back in school. I am still grounded but now it has been lifted to only two days. Today I talked to Lindsay, well sort of. I said sorry to her. I was running to my next class and I was running late, so I was running really fast. Then I tripped on my own shoe and Lindsay was in front of me and I landed on her back and knocked her down with me.

"HEY WATCH IT PUNK!" she yelled at me, "Oh sorry Camden, I didn't recognize you."

In THAT distinct time I was saying this in my head, 'Oh my god I ran into the girl I really like, and oh my god!, she remembered MY NAME!!! OH MY GOD!!!' "It's ok Lindsay," I Said trying not to smile. She smiled waved and walked away casually.

I followed her for a while, at the time I wasn't caring if I missed my class. She was in lunch so she couldn't be late. So I talked to her for five minutes and I was late by like three.

Yeah so Camden and Lindsay have been going out now for about a couple of months. They are deeply attracted to each other. Lindsay likes to tell friends that he beat up Wiley for her, when really it was John who did. But he didn't care cause he said Camden needed the fame and also Lindsay thought Camden did it so he was "HER HERO" and anyways John already had a girl. Here is her directory listing I looked up...

Name: Ami Storikowski
Age: 15
Grade: Sophomore
Group: Dsi
Gender: Female
Instrument: N/A
Favorite Weapon: No one Knows... not even her Boyfriend
Hobbies: Likes to hang out with John
Sig Other if Applicable: John Hetfield
Notes: Is usually quite in other groups...

Yeah but for the longest time I've been calling her plain Amy cause it is an inside joke to Hetfield and me, and also cause I didn't remember her name most of he time. Now I call her Aims of Spades cause she is planning to be part of Johns Band Ace of Spades.

I called my girlfriend Lindsay today... we've been going out now for a week... and since I can't associate with my friends for another week, I'm talking to her because she is not my friend... she's my girlfriend. I love the stuff she says. Amanda talked to me about Lindsay. She said Lindsay is usually needs someone to get her to do things. So I am now her boyfriend, and she's my girl. (That's a cool thing to say, she's my girl) But anyways, I was being yelled at by my mom earlier because Wiley came over and my mom thought he was one of my friends, then I told her that's the kid I punched in the face. She slammed the door on Wiley and yelled at me some more. It was kinda a funny sight to see... So yeah.

I went to school the next day and saw a girl lying on the ground motionless. No one was at the school yet but the office staff. I walked up and asked her if she was ok. No answer. I ran inside and told one of the office people that there was a unconcious girl outside. They came running with me. All I remember is that a bus full of students pulled up and then the kids were yelling and screaming about the girl. Then I remember hearing a Ambulence comming from the distance. They picked her up and brought her to the hospital. The rest of the day it haunted me thinking of what happened to her how she got there and how long she had been there. I told Lindsay, and she said, "It's ok, I'm here for ya big or small."

I asked Lindsay if she didn't mind me visiting this girl after school. She said that was a good idea considering I saved this girls life.

I went to visit the girl. The doctor asked me, "Son, is this your sister?"

"No," I replied.
"Girlfriend?" He demanded again.
"No, sir" "Then what relation to the patient are you"
"I'm the boy who saved her life," I say with a smile on my face.
"Well not exactly," The doctor states, "You see when we brought her in she had had a collapsed lung. I'm afraid she has passed away, I'm sorry son but you did what you could."

My smile turned gray and dark as I hung my head to cry. The doctor walked back down the hall. I fell into a chair and didn't move for like an hour. Finally I left the buildiing to call Lindsay from my cell phone.

"She's gone," I said on the phone.

This girl that passed away wasn't close to me really, but to Ami. It happened to be her sister. So John has been spending a lot of his time trying to comfort her. We ended up finding out that Wiley was trying to beat up someone Ami's sister liked because to Wiley, she was "his girl" but they weren't going out and Ami's sister hated him. Well durring the fight Ami's sister walked in the middle to stop it and Wiley punched her square in the ribs. He freaked out while she fell to the floor, while the guy who she was originally talking to beat the living shit outta Wiley. While Willie's friends dragged him away, this guy stayed with her, and later to all our suprise, it was Ryan. He was talking to Ami's sister and beat up Wiley, he ran for help and had to leave her which is when Camden found her laying there all alone and dying. So now we're all trying to comfort both Ami and Ryan at the same time, while Ami and Ryan are both really faithful towards Camden Right now. So it looks like some people lost their hope, while the little guy has moved up a peg. I really think life's gonna be a whole lot different now a days, or at least on someone elses side...

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