A/N: I have an interesting Idea Ashley and John... Let's write a poem together... someone can start it and then the others can add to it... and it'll be on all three of our sites... like EX) I have part one Ashley part two and John part three... wouldn't that be kinda cool... but we have to agree on a topic... LOL... I think it would be cool for all of us to take credit in a poem together... LOL... Well tell me what you think, but for now... here's what I have running through My head right now... so yeah Freakstyle biatcha...

Check it out homes

no one can see

how we be running

on these streets

We take you out

and let it all come down

spitting lyrics til

they ain't no sound

body rocking to the limit

where the heat is hot

where my lyrics are heard

but can't be stopped


and phoneticly til the end of tha day

where little hommies and they women

come out to play

hiding under street lamps

in the dark

the cool kids hanging out at the park

where gun shots heard

eccoing off the slate

which draws my little hommie

to his early grave...


I guess it just shows

That no matter what you think

or what you believe

the people that are close to you

start dissappearing after a while

but you can't let that stop you

keep yo head up cause you know one day

you'll meet 'em up in heaven yo...



I remember like it was yesterday

cops circling around them peeps

while they jumping over chainlinks

and concrete

running from

the perpetuous sounds

trying to go

where they can't be found

but I chase 'em down

and now I think

them boys are never comming back

on these streets

tha cops cuffed 'em beat'em

threw 'em in the back seat

child lock to the door

now this is their defeat

crying out they pray

to the virgin mother

I guess they should of thought about it

before they killed my brother...

After Note: Not a true story... I just was freakstyling it yo... my first decent rap wow! I rap? ok? I never realized I had this in me...