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New Moon.

By Lupine Eyes


The mist shifted over the steaming cauldron, changing colors rapidly. First purple, then blue, gray, green, now yellow, then blue, purple and blue again, almost to fast to see, then finally it parts. It reveals the water showing a fuzzy picture of a short young woman barely over 5' 2'', kneeling in her garden.

A woman stepped from the Shadows, and walked over to the cauldron, silent as a cat. She knelt before it, peering in as the picture became clearer. She tossed her raven's wing hair over her shoulder, purple eyes squinting in concentration.

The woman in the water dug a hole in the ground, gracefully pressing the seeds in, having done this many times before. She was plump and curvy, "not at all like wraith-like stick figure like most of the woman of today." The Observer thought, and continued to watch, as the young woman brushed a strand of golden brown hair away from her face. Her clear baby blue eyes were serious, and small, dwarfed by her horn-rimmed glasses.

The girl was pale, pasty even, save for a few freckles dusting her nose. Something sparkled, and the Observers eye was drawn to the small golden pentacle, on a black string, shimmering softly around her throat, just above a baby blue tank top.

"So." The Observer said softly, her voice low and musical. "You will be Her Avatar? Hmmm, not Her usual choice." She pondered for a moment. "Atra!" she said.

"Yes Milady?" a rough male voice said, as a man stepped through the shadows, the light illuminating his blood-red locks, and his deep golden eyes. He was naked to the waist, so he could show off his bronze muscular skin. He smiled and his perfect rosebud lips stretched, and pulled into a position not familiar to them.

"You are sure this is the Avatar?" The Observer demanded.

"Yes Milady. As you can see, the Transformation has already begun." Sure enough, a gold light seemed to gather from around the Girls body, filling her up like a golden liquid.

"Excellent." The Observer smiled, her cold purple eyes shimmered with mischief, her perfect Cupid's bow mouth pulling into a sneer. " Move in, get into her life, soon. Her Watcher will visit her today, and she will be Complete within the moon. Wheedle your way into her life, get to know her, use that charm of yours." With that she laughed, a chilling sound. "Then bring her to me." She finished, her face once again becoming unreadable.

"Yes Milady." Atra said, bowing before retreating into the shadows.

"Poor child…" The Observer cooed, caressing the picture in the steaming water, and blending the colors with her sharp fingernails. "You have no idea what you are about to Become. Why She would Choose such a weakling, I have no idea. But, that's alright, the easier to take the Power from you."

Suddenly, she stood, and in one violent motion pushed the cauldron over, spilling the steaming water upon the ground. She looked up, and cocked her head, as if hearing something. "And I will take it." She whispered, as she walked through the steaming water into the shadows. "This time I won't fail." Echoed through the room as the Darkness swallowed her whole.

I shook my head, trying to clear the vision out. I frowned slightly, and shook it off, turning back to my gardening.

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