Here it is, the thing you've all been waiting for… the Glossary! If there is a word you do not understand, you come here! But keep in mind, this is fiction, which means not every thing in here is a part of Wicca, like the Avatar, and her Transformation etc. Also, mine being a 1st generation Wiccan (I'm a convert) I don't know everything there is to know, so if I explain things a little weird like, Google is the way to go. Oh, and if there is a word that I didn't yet explain, please put it in your review.

Pentagram/Pentacle: A five-pointed star inside of a circle, with one point facing up. Stands for the five elements, spirit, earth, air, fire and water.

Summerland: Sort of the Wiccan version of Heaven, where souls go to rest awhile, before reincarnation.

Ichor: Is immortal blood.

The Three-fold Law: Anything you do will return to you three fold, so if you do something horrible, something three times as horrible will happen to you. And if you do something good, the same thing happens. (aka karma.)

A Kitchen Witch: Someone who works with herbs, usually a lone practitioner with not much power.

Bound (binding): when magickal powers are sort of, unusable, or limited by Magickal means. (You might want to Google this one)

On Angels: I read somewhere/ watched on Charmed, that practitioners of Wicca have, well, entities that are sort of like Guardian Angels. So, I took that and sort of added a faerie tale touch to it.

Aura: Your Magickal Power, sort of an… energy you give off, a personal power. Some psychics can "Read" Auras. Usually you get the impressions of colors.

Goddess/Consort: The Two major Deities of Wicca. Goddess is the mother of all things, creator of life. The Consort is the God, all that is male. They have many faces, and can be worshipped in many different ways.

Familiar: An animal, spirit-animal or elemental you share your aura/Magickal power with, so that they can help you perform Magick, empower your spells and help you get in touch with the natural world and the deities. (Google this one too.)