I Fear No Evil

Though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Is something bad going to happen, I won't hold my breath

Am I going to die when I board this flight

Are they going to bomb us when we sleep tonight

If you live your life in chaotic fear

Constantly thinking the end is near

Won't enjoy your life because you are afraid

A deathtrap is not how the world should be portrayed

Afraid of stalkers over the net

Evil people mailing bombs and death threats

Twisted people, morally insane

Out to cause misery and pain

I Fear No Evil when I walk down the street

When I hear a bang I don't Hit The Dirt, being discreet

I Fear No Evil when I'm on Fictionpress

After all, I posted my home address

I Fear No Evil, I love and trust all of you

I hope you all feel the same way too

I Fear No Evil, God is why

It's because of Him that I

I am honest and have no fear

God's purpose for me has been made clear

If it is my time to go, then let it be done

At least I can say I trust in someone

Jeremy Kerley