ignoring love

A young girl of the age of sixteen walked down the small and winding street. Her dark brown eye's keeping back the tears that desperately want to fall down her face. She never felt as much pain as she did now, her heart felt as though it was splitting in half and all the will to live was gone. Only if I wasn't so blind she thought to her self as she forced her self to take anther step. A lot had happen in the last week and Ruth had to come to terms with a lot of it, as she ignored someone with out knowing it caused the pain she felt the moment of ever day since that unforgettable Friday.

She pushed way her long lifeless black hair out of her face, as the weather wasn't being that pleasant to her making her hair fly all around the place. Ruth didn't care about the rain falling down, or that she could no longer feel her fingers. She just wanted to get there, it didn't matter how far or what it took she had to do what had to be done.

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Derrick walked down the stairs; his movements were slow and effortless. He didn't care no more, nothing was worth caring over he told his self over and over again since that Friday caring only causes pain he said in his mind one more time. Even thou the pain was unreal and life seemed as thou it was over derrick never cried he never gave in to worlds tricks in feelings.

Derrick got to the bottom of the stairs but he didn't move he just stood there trying to think of why he was still there. He's family never seemed to care; they never really took any notice of him. He was just got in there way, they would be better of with out him. Derrick thought to him self. He looked down to his pocket it wont take much he thought as he reached in to his it just a slit he told him self there's nothing else living for, since then the voice in his head kept going on, as he grabbed what laid at the bottom of his pocket.


Ruth stopped a few meter's away from her destination her mind full of thoughts.She had come along way, and she didn't want to give up now. she clutched the envelope in her hand, keeping self from looking at it as it caused even more pain, thou Ruth at that moment thought that nothing could hurt more that how she felt standing there looking up at that brick house. Some how it felt so much more bigger than before, as thou it was towering over her making her feel as small as an ant.

Taking a deep breath Ruth started to walk up to the door, she stopped a few meters away. Her heart thumbing against her ribs, she looked straight at the door examining the blue paint peeling of to reveal the wood underneath. Did she dare post what laid in her hand, something that seemed as thou it took years to write. Pouring her heart and soul on to a piece of paper that she feared would just be ripped up in anger and despair with out a look at what is inside.


Derrick stood still; his hand still had a full grip on the object within his pocket. His body might have been at the bottom of the stairs not willing to go on, but his mind was else where. A voice started to stir in his mind, he tried to shake it out but it didn't work. Awww thanks derrick it said, so sweet and innocent you're the best it went nothing can stop us, even when we are all old and wrinkly the voice started going on you better not forget get me the words and what it was saying started to run though his mind faster

Hey! Boy you're not getting away that easy

You remember that time at the brook

Stop it derrick that tickles

Wow, omg that's the best thing ever

Wanna come round later ave got that new game you like

I wonder why Mr White wears a wing, its not like we don't notice

Oh yeah, I won

The voice's seemed to merge in to one you're the best friend that I have ever had, I don't ever want to lose you the last of the words echoed in his mind, and before he new it he was back in his own body. What ever was in his mind before had been washed away by those words he last heard. Dropping what ever was in his hand, he weakly smiled.


Ruth's hand trembled as she gilded it to the letter box, the envelope was half was though when Ruth stared to worry what will he think she thought, she hadn't spoken to him since it happened so she didn't know how he took it, she didn't want to know as she knew he had it worse then her. I should have seen it coming she told her self, she had been beating her self up about it how could I have been so blind the words shouted in her mind. As she let slip what was left of the letter, and her heart and soul.


Derrick jumped out of his spot and ran to get his coat, even thou his legs where heavy and body felt flat he still went at such speed. He needed to tell her, he needed to let her know that it didn't matter, even thou it did deep down in side. He pulled his arms though his coat as he came up to the door, when a letter dropped. Derrick kneeled down and picked it up, it was a basic white envelope then he noticed the writing on the front that said derrick in curly writing he only knew one person that wrote like that.


Ruth pulled her self together holding her hands to her face trying not to cry, there was nothing else to do now except for to wait.


Derrick held the letter in his hand he couldn't stop looking at it, it was from her and that what was making his heart beat faster and his eyes become moist. He slowly got up trying to get a grip of himself; he didn't dare to feel the joy that wanted to burst free. He couldn't help have that slightest bit of hope thou, he had to for some unknown reason. Derrick's finger slid in the corner of the envelope, he stopped for a moment before carefully ripping it open.


Ruth turned away from the house and looked down the street, it would take her an hour or so to walk home so she decided to start walking now even thou her body told her she couldn't go on.


Derrick pulled out the piece of paper inside so carefully as though it was made of out glass. He unfolded it and read what was written:

Dear derrick

Please listen to what I have to say before ripping this up. First of all im sorry more than you will ever know. You were always there for me though the thick and the thin………always there when I needed you. I should have seen it coming but no I was so stupid to see what was happening right in front of my very own eyes.

I never meant to ignore you; I was confused by all that was going on in my head. I know that isn't a good enough excuse, and I should have taken notice.

I don't want us to brake are friendship which we have made so strong. I can't think of life with out you, you're my world………the thing that keeps me breathing, I need you, I need are friendship, but I want more.




Derrick read the letter about three times, but the last part stuck in his head what does that mean he thought as he tapped his finger on the letter.


Ruth made her way out of the drive, hands still close together. Within seconds she was half way down the street, she didn't feel so cold now and her pace got quicker.


Derrick turned over the envelope, its 6' o clock, the post man don't come at this time he thought to his self, as he looked at the envelope he noticed that it didn't have a stamp on it, in a rush he dropped the letter and swung the door open, his legs seemed to glide him the way as he ran down his drive. Derrick looked up his street but no one was there, an empty feeling started to form in the bottom of his stomach. Then he turned his head to see down the other end of the street and a smile came across his face.


The wind was playing tricks again making Ruth's hair go all over the place. She tried to keep it all in the same place by holding it but I didn't work.

"You should really put your hair up in this weather" a voice to filmier said from behind her. Making her whole body tingle, her mouth began to become dry as she answered

"Well I would if someone didn't use them as catapults and make them fly out side my bedroom window" Ruth answered, as she turned around to see derrick standing there caching his breath. For some reason she found it hard to look straight at him, as butterflies started to flutter around her tummy.

"I read your letter" derrick told Ruth, his voice was serious and steady, he looked Ruth in the eyes and she looked back in his clear blue ones.

"Good" she said smiling slightly "so you understand" she added as her smile grew.

Derrick looked down at Ruth as she was quite a bit smaller than him; and he smiled back "kind of" he said as he ran his fingers though his dark brown hair that stuck up because of all the sweat, "there just that bit at the end" he told her, Ruth stepped closer "really, I thought I made that clear" she told him, her hands started to shake and her nervous seemed to tremble more than ever. Derrick took a step closer to Ruth as she did him and gave a cheeky grin this made her laugh and smile back.

"Well I need you to explain it to me" he told her "im not that bright you see" he added, and Ruth smiled and rolled her eyes. She took another step closer so she was right in his face, she tilted her head moving in close, she pressed her lips against his and before they knew it they were deep within kissing Ruth's arm around derricks neck and his arm around her waist. Ruth moved her head away "is that clear enough for you" she asked him, she felt as though she had been touched by an angel and floating high above.

"Crystal" derrick replied as he moved in for anther kiss.


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