ici elle est
stained in sepia from tip toes to fingertips
pearl beads dripping off her collar bones
and a purse that clicks too loud, as her
smile brims with photo-graphic happiness
shes all he ever wanted
and the brittle too-sweet scent of her
vanilla perfume enchants him, coiling in
through his eyes and out through his heart
snapping it neatly in half. his rhythm
is computer-keyboard orientated and her
voice curls delicate in his ears, perfect
like sunrise on a meadow.

It stings his eyeballs
to look at her; as they claw desperate for the
heart-shaped lipstick kiss her mouth promises
to give if she only knew his name. she
taps her manicured fingernails snaring him
closer with every click like a car crash waiting
to screech to a halt,
he hangs in the air shot dead
and left to rot
by her beauty.