The Other Side of the Stained Glass Windows

Passing by Cathedrals

With towering Steeples gleaming

As a beacon beckoning high above the sidewalks of concrete cold and rough

Can't help but to notice

The Stained glass windows…

Each one a scene portrayed

Giving glimpse of The Master's Life

Two sides of a Stained glass window

For me it is I prefer "the other side,"

You know,

The side on the outside

Peering in…

Going by Cathedral's Stained glass windows

One warm and breezy Sunday morn

The windows opened to allow cooling breeze to touch the lives inside



On the outside

Was touched

By the music that was softly playing on the inside

It's melody drifting and touching my inner all that I am…

Sometimes I think that it is the ones

Who peer at the Stained glass windows from the inside

That sometimes forgetting that life is lived

On the "other side"of the Stained glass windows…

I can not help but to consider

The Life of The Master portrayed in

The Glass that is stained

That with the common folk He walked

Dry, worn and parched dusty roads…

Please, Master won't You

As I walk this "other side" of the Stained glass windows

Won't you please walk with me this day…

I know a little place

A Sanctuary of the Outdoors

In amongst Woodland Beauty of your Creation and design

The melodies there too are heart touching to the inner person

When birds chirp out a radiant chorus and

Leaves rustle gently in the breezes

As squirrels scamper and clouds float by…

Two sides of the Stained glass windows

My life

Like the glass

Has too its stains

And so easily can be shattered



Please judge me not too harshly

If not in the Cathedral you find me sitting

For by The Master I am walking

In His Sanctuary of the Great Outdoors.