The Brier Patch

The Brier Patch

Chapter nineteen


"You're being an ass!" Kitchi yelled, glaring at his brother.

"Leave me alone, Kit!" Takoda yelled back trying to pull air into his lungs. Callie had just left, she had only stopped by to tell Takoda that Sheldon was going back to Andorra that he was selling the house and leaving for good.

"You're losing him again; it's not what you want." Kit said glancing at CJ, hoping the boy would help.

"Kit's right, Koda, you don't fall this hard unless you love someone," CJ replied softly looking away. He felt tears fill his eyes, knew his brothers were looking at him. He had told him mother he would come help Kitchi talk sense into Takoda. Because they wanted to see those to together, because that's the way it was suppose to be.

"CJ…" Takoda started, seeing his brother hold up a hand.

"I lost Jamie," CJ started locking his gaze on his brother. "You have the chance to make things right, and for you to finally admit you love Sheldon, don't wait until it's too late. Don't lose him like I lost Jamie, because that the worst because I can't do anything about it."

"CJ…" Both Takoda and Kitchi started only to stop as the boy turned away. They watched as their sixteen year old brother left.

"Take him home Kit," Takoda said moving back to the counter. "Please, he needs to be home."

"I don't think being home is going to help him any more then being here." Kitchi replied looking up when the door opened. He was surprised to her his brother swear, before the man was heading towards the two men that had entered.

"Out both of you out." Takoda said seeing the shorter of the two looked surprised.

"Well that isn't anyway to treat your customers." The French voice was heavy with sarcasm.

"Mikel." Sean started seeing his lover glance at him.

"Well I came here to help him, amour, he should be nice enough to listen." Mikel said glaring at Takoda.

"I don't want to hear anything you have to say." Takoda hissed turning his back to them.

"Fine, we had hoped to help make it work between you and Sheldon, but let the boy go back to Daniel." Mikel hissed seeing the stiffening of Takoda's shoulders. "I'm sure Daniel will take good care of him, you know men like Daniel like arm candy."

"Mikel…" Sean started again.

"Or maybe I can finally convince Sheldon to come with us." Mikel said seeing the man turn back to him. He watched as Takoda moved towards him and raised his chin slightly.

"I don't care what you do; just get out of my shop." Takoda hissed looking down at the boy. Mikel wasn't much taller then Sheldon was.

"You're an ass." Mikel started. "Sheldon loves you, he spent two years moping after you, and when he comes home you fuck him and toss him aside!"

"Damn it." Both Sean and Kitchi hissed moving between Mikel and Takoda.

"Enough Mikel." Sean said cupping the boy's head. "Getting into a fight with the man isn't going to help."

"I know, but the man is irritating." Mikel said crossing his arms over his chest. Sean nodded slightly, before turning to Takoda to see the man was glaring at his brother.

"Listen Takoda, we want to see things work out between you and Sheldon. But if they can't we'd rather see Sheldon come back to France with us, then to Andorra with Daniel. Not that Daniel isn't a great guy, but he likes pretty things and Sheldon will be come nothing more then a dressing and play thing." Sean said meeting the man's eyes. "We love Sheldon, he's our friend."

"It's not my problem anymore." Takoda said looking away.

"Stop being an ass!" Mikel hissed at the man.

"It is your problem, because there is so much hurt and misunderstanding between you two still." Sean said softly. "Please tell me you don't want to lose the boy?"

"Yes Koda, tell them you're still pinning after Sheldon." Kitchi said looking between the three. "Tell them how you've kept every thing the boy has ever sent you."

"Is it worth losing your soul mate?" Mikel asked softly seeing Takoda look at him. "Is this misunderstanding worth losing the one who was made for you over?"

"You don't have a clue…" Takoda said hearing a low laugh.

"Sure I do, after two years, people move on. Yet you and Sheldon haven't, there is so much love between you two it sickening sometimes." Mikel said. "And what Sheldon did was unfair; Sean and I spent a lot of time trying to get him to come home. But the boy was scared and confused, and after a while running was easier then coming home."

"I don't…" Takoda trailed off, he couldn't do this. He wasn't sure what he wanted to do, but right now he couldn't deal with this. Shaking his head, he left the shop heading up to his apartment. Mikel watched the man go before turning to the brother.

"He's not deal well with this." Kitchi said shrugging.

"You think?" Mikel muttered looking around the shop.

"We have to find a way to get these two talking." Kitchi said seeing them both nod. He smiled slightly motioning them to follow him into the backroom.


Sheldon jumped slightly when he heard his name, and looking around his eyes widened when he saw CJ standing on his porch. Smiling he stood, brushing the dirt off his pants he headed towards the boy. He pulled CJ into his arms, hugging the boy tightly.

"CJ it's so good to see you." Sheldon replied softly looking up at him.

"You too." CJ said grinning at him. "Wow, you've certainly changed."

"Is that good or bad?" Sheldon asked grinning at the other boy.

"It's a good thing." CJ said laughing slightly before he turned serious. "How are you Sheldon?"

"I'm okay," Sheldon shrugged looking at CJ, who looked more like Takoda then he had a right to. "How about you?"

"I lost Jamie." CJ said moving to sit down on the steps. He looked up as Sheldon came to sit next to him, seeing the Sheldon was watching him with concern. "About a year after that spring break you stayed with us, Jamie started with the drugs and drinking, you know typical teen stuff I guess."

CJ paused, looking out over Sheldon's yard as he pulled his thoughts back under control. This wasn't something he talked about a lot, because it still hurt. "I was an ass, broke up with him, found out he was out sleeping around. He asked me for help, but I refused because I was mad at him. Two days after he asked for help, he was found dead of an overdose."

"Oh god, CJ…" Sheldon started moving to wrap his arms around the boy.

"I could have helped him, I could have saved him." CJ said. "Both my parents wanted Jamie to move in with us, and to let us help him. But I said no, because he was whoring himself to feed his habit."

"It wasn't your fault." Sheldon offered.

"Listen Shel," CJ said ignoring the comment Sheldon made. "Deal with this, pin Takoda down and work something out, don't leave it like it was, because life is just to unpredictable to be left like this."

"I'll try, that's the best I can do." Sheldon replied pulling CJ close again as the boy started to cry. He wasn't sure how long he had sat out there holding his friend before Mikel stuck his head out the door.

"Damn, you got these Native American sexies around everywhere?" Mikel asked seeing them both look at him.

"This is CJ, Takoda youngest brother." Sheldon said getting up and helping CJ up. "CJ, this is my friend Mikel, and the guy behind him is his lover Sean."

"Hey." CJ said wiping at his eyes. They headed back into the house, his eyes scanning the people in his living room. He raised an eyebrow wondered what everyone was doing there.

"What's going on?" He asked glancing between Chris, Callie, Mikel, Sean, Kitchi, Dom and Kat.

"There's this huge black car outside." Mikel offered nodding towards the window. Frowning Sheldon walked over to look out the window. Sheldon grinned, moving out the door and towards the car as a tall nicely dressed man stepped out of the car.

They watched out the window, seeing Sheldon was shifting his weight from one foot to the other seemingly waiting for something. A few seconds later they saw a small redhead step from the car, and watched as Sheldon grabbed the boy in a hug.

"Is that a man?" Sean wondered hearing mutters.

"Well if it is, then man I think he's shorter then Callie." Chris said getting a dirty look from his wife. They continued to watch as the tall man reached into the car, and pulled on a lease and a huge dog jumped out. Sheldon wrapped an arm around the redhead's shoulders as he led the way back to house.

"Anyone want to guess who they are?" Mikel asked looking around. They turned to the door as Sheldon came through it, laughing at something that had been said.

"Wow a house full." The redhead said laughing again.

"Yeah they all think I'm gonna do something drastic." Sheldon replied shrugging slightly.

"Like running away?"

"Yeah like that," Sheldon grinned. "Guys this is Destin Riesel, and his husband Armand. These are my friends, Callie, Chris, Mikel, Sean, CJ, Dom, Kat and Kitchi."

"Nice to meet you all," Destin replied looking down with a grin. "This is Dane, and that over hovering in the door is Don."

"Why are you here?" Sheldon asked looking at Armand before looking back at Destin.

"Thinking you were gonna do something stupid, I got to thinking and all." Destin replied softly shrugging slender shoulders. "Besides we've been down this road Sheldon."

"Jeez, there is nothing wrong with going back to Andorra." Sheldon said shaking his head. "Come on guys, I know you mean well, but well sorry it's over between me and Takoda, just let it be."

"You shouldn't settle for anything less then love." Destin said softly glancing at Armand with a smile.

"I'll learn to love Daniel." Sheldon said looking around the room at everyone, and wondered at what time his mother would be showing up to join the party. He looked around seeing everyone was quiet, and he wondered why no one had a snappy comeback for that. But then he saw that Mikel was staring at Destin. "Mikel."

"Are you sure he's a man?" Mikel asked nearly missing the look he got from Armand.

"Armand?" Sheldon asked grinning slightly at the man's face. Armand looked, well pissed would have been putting it mild.

"Yes, Destin is male." Armand gritted out. Sheldon laughed, he couldn't help it. Armand was the oldest out of them all; well he wasn't sure about Don because the man was like a fixture with them. Armand didn't look happy to be here, and he wasn't sure how Destin talked the man into traveling half way across the country to do this.


Sheldon had had about enough of listening to the arguments from his friends. He knew they meant well, but well enough was enough. So he wouldn't go to Andorra, he would tell Daniel it wasn't going to happen. He could deal with that, but what he couldn't deal with was being so close to what he wanted and denied it.

Getting up he went to answer his door not sure how to expect now. Most of his friends were already there, and he couldn't see any of the others he met showing up. Opening the door he was surprised to see Takoda standing there, the man looked at him.

"I need to talk with you." Takoda said looking up at the people in the room.

"Alright." Sheldon said stepping aside to let the man in. He could see that Takoda was looking around, the man's eyes stopping on his brothers before coming back to him.

"I should have figured the sell outs would be here." Takoda muttered barely having time before a fist smashed into his face. Sheldon was about to hiss at Mikel when he saw the French boy was staring wide eyed from across the room, and it was Destin who had hit Takoda.

"Destin?" Sheldon asked not sure what else to say to the normally even tempered boy.

"He deserved that." Destin said shaking his hand. "There's only one thing I hate more then users and that rapist."

"What the fuck?" Takoda asked pulling himself to sit up. "Who the hell hit me?"

"I did." Destin said taking a step towards the man as Takoda pulled himself to his feet. Destin looked up crossing his arms over his chest as the Native American man looked down at him.

"You're awfully brave for someone who's the size of a shrimp." Takoda hissed not sure what to do. There was no way he could hit the boy back, hell he'd be afraid he'd kill him.

"And you're awfully stupid for someone who's said to be perceptive." Destin shot back seeing surprise cross Takoda's face before the man laughed.

"Damn and you're married?" Takoda asked watching Destin's lips twitch slightly.

"Um, maybe I should make a few introductions?" Sheldon said moving to stand beside Destin, hoping to stay off anymore violence. "Takoda you already know everyone but Destin and his husband Armand."

"And him?" Takoda asked nodding towards the man on Sheldon's porch.

"That's Don. Don't worry about him." Destin grinned looking back at the man through the window.

"And Don is?" Takoda wanted to know as his eyes were drawn to the dog next to Destin.

"My bodyguard and driver." He replied shrugging. "And this is Dane."

"Alright," Takoda said shaking his head before looking back at Sheldon. "Can we talk?"

"Of course." Sheldon started but stopped when he saw John in his kitchen doorway. "John."

"What the hell is he doing here?" Takoda hissed glaring at the man. But all he saw was a flash of red before John hissed and then cried out.

"Damn it!" Armand hissed moving towards his lover, he pulled Destin up barely shifting in time to keep from getting an elbow in his face. "Destin stop it!"

John grunted as he got a foot in his side, he looked up at the people.

"Dane attack!" Destin said trying to struggle out of Armand's arms. Armand's eyes widened as he watched the one hundred and fifty pound normally docile dog lunge towards the man on the floor.

"Dane heel." Armand commanded, and while Dane stopped the dog didn't back down. Armand's arms tightened around his lover, leaning slightly. "Call the god damn dog off Destin."

"Destin." Sheldon started his mind still trying reconcile the fact that his friend was not only kicking the shit out John. And when stopped would order his dog to attack the man.

"Don't start Sheldon." Destin glared at his friend, seeing Sheldon cringe slightly.

"But, you forgave yours." Sheldon said seeing the boy look at him.

"Yes I did," Destin yelled. "But I don't invite mine in for tea and cookies!"

"Destin please." Sheldon said softly.

"Fine, Dane come." Destin said pulling away from Armand to storm from the house. Dane followed after his master, sensing something was upsetting the boy.

"Armand." Sheldon started seeing the man looking at John.

"You know how he feels about rapist Sheldon, while he forgave Val; he wants nothing to do with the man." Armand said watching John standing. "And he certainly wouldn't make nice with the man."

"Okay, everyone out," Sheldon started taking a deep breath. "Expect Takoda, I want to talk to him, the rest of you can go outside while I do."

Sheldon watched as his friends filed out of the house, he wanted to apologize to John but the man just glared at him as he left. He was nursing a bloody nose, and the start of a black eye. He waited until they left before turning to Takoda seeing that his cheekbone was bruising.

"Let me get ice for you." Sheldon said moving towards the kitchen.

"That redhead can really hit." Takoda said following the boy. Sheldon laughed softly, before pulling out ice from the freezer and wrapping it up in a dishtowel.

"When I worked for him, he was normally real even tempered and mild." Sheldon replied shrugging. "I only heard him raise his voice once and um well…"

"Sheldon," Takoda started setting the ice down. "Listen, I um…"

"Its okay." Sheldon replied grinning as he walked over to the man. Reaching up he cupped the man's face a smile played on his face. "I love you, and I always will. I will cherish what was between us until the day I die, and I don't regret giving you my virginity."

"Shel…" Takoda started his eyes on the boy's smile. Sheldon held his finger in front of the man's mouth, before reaching up to take the necklace off and placed it into the man's hands.

"I'm realizing what growing up means, and I've realized that I have been so unfair to you, expecting you to wait for me. To expect you just accept me with open arms after I ran away for two years." Sheldon whispered grinning at him. "I was selfish, and I understand now."

"I was selfish too," Takoda said linking his hands with Sheldon's. "I wanted you home, not to leave for college. I wanted you to be around so I had you to myself."

"I was afraid to tell you, because I knew deep down I had made promises I wouldn't be able to keep because of it." Sheldon said. "And with Callie and everything, it was just easier not to say anything."

"I should have explained things to you, I never cheated on you." Takoda said softly. "I dated some, but never found anyone that made me feel what I felt with you."

"I want you to find happiness." Sheldon grinned.

"I found my happiness." Takoda said pulling his hands away to move the necklace back up. He refastened it around the boy's neck, his eyes going back to Sheldon's. "I found my happiness with you, I stopped my wondering the day I met you, I never planned to say here for more then a few months."

"Then we've finally moved on, moved past what was holding us back." Sheldon said seeing the man smile at him.

"I love you." Takoda said reaching up to cup the boy's face. Leaning he kissed Sheldon moaning when he heard Sheldon's sigh just before the boy relaxed against him.

"Well it's about damn time." Mikel said seeing Sheldon pull away and look at him. He watched Sheldon's face blush, and smiled.


Sheldon leaned back on his porch, his mind unburdened for the first time in years. He and Takoda had decided to take it slowly, to see where it goes. Dom and Kat had been looking at houses in the area, which Sheldon thought was wonderful. Mikel and Sean were talking about going back to Paris, since Sean's parents didn't take the news of their son being gay very well.

"Hey are you upset with me?" Destin asked softly coming out onto the porch.

"No, surprised is all, you've always seemed so…" Sheldon trialed off looking, at the five foot redhead.

"Weak?" Destin supplied seeing Sheldon grin. "I don't normally get involved physically like that, but well Takoda really hurt you, and since I already reamed you about hurting him, I figured it was his turn. But John bothers me Shel, I don't care if he has changed, he violated you."

"It's just, he trying so hard." Sheldon said watching the boy.

"I understand, and I guess I can see where you want to be friends since you were friends before this happened, but he bothers your friends." Destin said dropping down into the steps beside the other boy. He watched Sheldon nod his head, before the boy launched into the story of what brought them back to where they were.

"It's hard isn't it?" Armand asked quietly from where he was standing beside Takoda. The man was watching Sheldon, and he knew by the look what was going through the man's head.

"What is?" Takoda asked glancing over at the business man.

"That no matter how hard we try to protect them, the find ways to protect us." Armand grinned, shrugging as he looked at the other man. He could see the bruise where Destin had hit the man.

"Your lover has a nice right hook." Takoda said grinning.

"He also kicks pretty well too." Armand replied turning his attention back to the boys. "He's been through a lot, and saw something in Sheldon when the boy was in Boston. That's why he brought Sheldon home, and talked to the boy."

"He seems very companionate." Takoda replied glancing at the dog, seeing Dane was sitting quietly next to Armand. "Is that animal safe?"

"Dane? Biggest baby you'll ever meet, except when Destin is in trouble." Armand said reaching down to pat the animals head.

"He's a spitfire and the dog's one too." Takoda said hearing Armand laugh.

"That they are, but they're mine." Armand said nodding slightly. "Destin, it's late and we should get going. We need to get home."

"Alright." Destin said as he stood. "Call me Shel if you need anything."

"Okay, and thanks for coming." Sheldon said hugging the boy.

"You're welcome." Destin said moving towards Takoda and Armand. He paused in front of Takoda looking up at the man. "Sorry about hitting you."

"Don't sweat it kid." Takoda said grinning.

"You know, I'm most likely as old or older then you." Destin said shaking his head.

"Maybe." Takoda grinned shaking the boy's hand. He nodded watching them leave before turning back to Sheldon, seeing the boy was grinning. "Now it's just me and you."

"Yeah." Sheldon said moving to close and lock the backdoor before turning off the kitchen lights. "You want to watch a movie?"

Takoda shook his head, wrapping his arms around Sheldon before dipping down to kiss the boy. Reaching up Takoda cupped his head so he could tilt it for better access to Sheldon's mouth. Pulling back he met confused hazel eyes and had to smile.

"Koda?" Sheldon whispered licking at his lips. "I thought we were going to take it slow?"

"We are I'm going to take you up stairs and slowly make love to you." Takoda replied grinning when Sheldon blushed. Reaching down he wrapped his arms around the boy's butt and lifted him causing Sheldon to cling to him.

"Koda…" Sheldon wrapping his arms around the man tightly his eyes wide as he felt the man move towards the stairs. For some strange reason, Mikel and Sean had decided to stay with CJ and Kitchi, and Dom and Kat had jumped at the chance when Callie offered them a place. "You planned this?"

"No baby, your friends did." Takoda said kissing along his jaw. "I'm only taking advantage of it."

"But we were gonna go slow." Sheldon moaned out, his legs tightening around the man's hips.

"Oh yes, it's going to take us all night." Takoda said moving into Sheldon's room. Kicking the door closed Takoda carried his beautiful burden towards the bed, before gently laying the boy down. Leaning down he kissed Sheldon deeply, feeling the boy relax under him. After a few minutes he pulled back, before moving back to grab the boy's leg.

Takoda slowly pulled off the boy's left shoe before he went to the right, his eyes on Sheldon's face. He could see Sheldon was blushing, and knew the boy was getting turned on by it. Hell he was already hard, and he'd only kissed the boy. Pulling off Sheldon's socks, he dropped them to the floor before climbing up onto the bed with the boy. Stretching out he pulled Sheldon close.

"God you're beautiful." Takoda whispered kissing Sheldon's mouth again. Slipping his hand up, he cupped Sheldon's face, slowly letting the kiss deepen.

"Koda." Sheldon pulled back, he didn't know how long the man had been kissing him, but he felt ready to pop and he still had his clothing on.

"Hum?" Takoda muttered slowly sucking along Sheldon's chin.

"Slow is kind of overrated." Sheldon said working on pulling Takoda's shirt up. He looked up when he heard Takoda laugh, and felt a blush. "Please, I'll probably cum the minute you touch me."

"Should we find out?" Takoda asked pulling back to slip a hand over the bulge in Sheldon's pants. Sheldon arched back a curse coming out of his mouth as he clinched his teeth. A smile found Takoda's face as he watched the emotions play across Sheldon's face.

"We are really over clothed." Sheldon bit out, pulling away to start on is clothing.

"Hold on." Takoda said stopping the boy. He smiled at the groan that came from the boy, seeing Sheldon drop to his back with a sigh. Pulling himself up Takoda smiled at the boy, crawling over him he started to pull at Sheldon's clothing, leaning to kiss newly exposed skin.

Sheldon moaned out, feeling each and ever hot touch of Takoda's mouth. He barely even noticed when his shirt was gone. A small yelp escaped him when he felt Takoda stick his tongue into his belly button, and pulling himself up to his elbows to look at the man.

"Koda…" Sheldon bit his low lip watching as the man pulled at his pants. Dropping to his back, he lifted his hips to allow Takoda to remove his pants and boxers. His eyes slide closed as he felt large warm hands slide up his legs, but they popped open when he felt hot wet warmth close over his erection. "Ngn…Koda!"

Sheldon clinched his teeth; he was going to cum and he couldn't stop it. Reaching down he grabbed the man's hair trying to pull Takoda away. Arching back, Sheldon felt his orgasm rip through him as he released into his lover's mouth. Relaxing into the bed, he looked up watching Takoda started to pull off his own clothing.

"I'm sorry…" Sheldon whispered softly looking at Takoda again. But the man just smiled, before climbing over him and Sheldon looked up.

"Don't be, we're not done yet baby." Takoda said grinning to lean down. He nibbled over Sheldon's lips, reaching up to grab the boy head when Sheldon tried to pull away. Pressing his tongue against the boy's lips he groaned slightly as Sheldon opened to him.

Sheldon reached up, kissing Takoda back hungrily. He could taste himself on the man's tongue and it turned him on. Spreading his legs, he moaned as he felt Takoda settled between them. Arching back he rubbed his entire body against the man above him. He wanted to beg, he really did. This was how it was suppose to be, this was lovemaking.

"Relax." Takoda said slipping to his side. He looked at the boy, smiling at Sheldon as the boy watched him. He pulled the lube out of his jean, grinning at Sheldon as he popped the cap open. Coating his fingers, he reached between the boy's legs, seeing Sheldon spread them even more. "God you're fucking beautiful."

"And you're wild and untamed." Sheldon hissed arching back as he felt a cool slick digit probe his entrance. Sheldon groaned, moving to wrap himself around the man. He was still pretty relaxed from his previous orgasm, that soon Takoda had three fingers buried deep in the boy's body.

"Shel." Takoda whispered pulling his fingers to fumble for the condom. Pulling on the condom, he turned seeing Sheldon was smiling at him. When the boy reached for him, he went willing. Pulling the boy's legs up he lined his erection up with Sheldon's prepared opening.

"Koda…" Sheldon groaned out as the man entered him. Takoda clinched his teeth, promising himself he'd go slowly because he didn't want to hurt Sheldon. "Oh god, oh yes…please."

Pulling back Takoda started a slow thrust pulling back enough to watch his lover's face. Sheldon was beyond sexy when locked in passion. Leaning his kissed the boy finding he couldn't seem to get enough of the boy's mouth.

"Koda…" Sheldon groaned out reaching up to cling to the man. His nails dug into the man's back, but he didn't care because this was so much better then their first time. Pulling his legs up further he tilted his body a yelp escaping his as Takoda thrusted forward and hit his prostate dead on.

"Shel." Takoda grinned, hearing the boy incoherent muttering. Speeding up his thrusts he pulled back watching Sheldon's face. Pushing in he held still watching as Sheldon opened passion fogged hazel eyes.

"Don't stop…please…" Sheldon whimpered squirming against the man.

"I want it to last." Takoda said reaching up to cup the boy's head.

"We have the rest of our lives; just I need to cum please Koda." Sheldon said arching back when Takoda pulled back and then rammed into him. A cry escaped him turning into a near scream as it would seem the wild part of Takoda broke free and had decided to fuck him into the mattress. "KODA!"

Takoda arched up, feeling the boy's orgasm as Sheldon's hot velvety body tightened around his erection. He could feel the tightening in his stomach, and knew he was about to cum. Pushing into Sheldon as far as he could, he roared as he emptied himself.

"Oh god, oh wow." Sheldon still clang to his lover, feeling Takoda's body shaking. "Are you okay?"

"I think so." Takoda said reaching down to hold the condom while he pulled out of Sheldon. He took care of the condom and turned to look over at Sheldon. A smile found his face as he looked over the well and truly fucked boy.

"What are you thinking?" Sheldon asked looking at the man.

"How wonderfully beautiful you are." Takoda said getting up to stretch.

"You're not leaving are you?" Sheldon asked rolling to his side to watch the man. He saw Takoda grin at him, and couldn't help but grin back.

"No I was thinking about a shower, and then cuddling with you forever." Takoda said moving around the bed to reach for Sheldon. They showered together, finding that they still liked to shower together, and Sheldon loved to wash Takoda's hair.

"We should dry it." Sheldon replied shaking his head as he watched his lover pull a brush through the black strands.

"It'll be fine." Takoda said pulling on his boxers before climbing into the bed. "Was this your mom's bed?"

"It was." Sheldon grinned watching the man. Pulling on a pair of pajama pants Sheldon crawled into bed beside the man. He snuggled in, laying his head against the expanse of Takoda's chestnut colored chest and sighed. "Man this is the life."

"What is?" Takoda asked wrapping his arms around the boy.

"Lying here with you going slow with you." Sheldon said giggling slightly when he heard Takoda snort. "Just being with you without the animosity of it all. Being relaxed and sated and just simply being held by you."

"I love you." Takoda whispered kissing the top of Sheldon's head.

"I love you too, a lot." Sheldon said shifting. Draping himself over his lover, he closed his eyes letting his body relax as he felt Takoda also relax. A smile found his face, yes this was the life. Being with the ones you love, finding that special someone. And he had found his, and it was good.

The end.