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"This is a pretty good song, want to dance?" Steven asked.

Rachel shrugged but Julie said "Sure!" and stood up. As soon as they got on the dance floor, however. The song ended and a slow song came on. Julie and Steven stood there awkwardly. Steven bit his lower lip and said "Um, still want to dance?" Julie shrugged, but inward she was shaking. "Sure, I guess" so she put her arms around his neck and he put his on her hips. They blushed as they swayed softly to the music. For a while no one talked, but then Steven began to. "Has anyone ever told you that you're beautiful?" Steven asked. "My mother, my friends" Julie shrugged.

"Do you think of yourself as beautiful?"

"Me?" Julie laughed "not particularly, no."

"Well, then, you're wrong, you're very beautiful" Steven blushed, just the smallest amount. She blushed, as well "Do you think of yourself as handsome?"

Steven gave out a bray of laughter "I'm a dork!" "So?" Julie said "I'm a nerd."

"And anyway, I think you're handsome." She turned bright red and looked at the ground. "Really?" he asked, seeming shocked "Yeah, you're cute" she turned to him

Steven gave out a chuckle "I must be deteriorating quickly! First I'm handsome, now I'm just cute!" he was smiling though, so was she. "Well, then" she smiled, "I guess you'd better kiss me quick before you turn hideously ugly with bacon for lips" she chuckled, He pulled her just a fraction of an inch closer "Do you want me to kiss you?" he asked, his voice a half-whisper. She didn't bother with an answer just pulled her arms tighter around him and was lost. She couldn't ever imagine wanting to leave the circle of his arms. She was swept away to a place she never could have imagined, where only Steven and her existed. In all too short of a time, it was over. And so was the song. She looked at his face and saw what must be an exact copy of her own. It was shocked, happy, too many emotions too describe. "I suppose that's a yes" he said, all his emotions tumbling out in his voice. As they walked back to their table to sit down, all she could think about was his kiss, and how much she wanted to taste it again, to be where she was safe from everything. She saw Rachel waiting at the table, with a look of shock on her face. Julie blushed; she had never realized how much of a spectacle they must have been, at least to anyone watching. There's gonna be hell to pay for that on Monday. She thought bitterly. She looked over to see that Steven was blushing too. It was worth it. She thought with conviction. Rachel looked away, and once Steven and Julie were sitting down she asked "So, how was your dance?" Steven and Julie blushed. "Um, i-it was fine" Steven managed to stammer out, Julie could only nod. Rachel laughed out loud at their discomfort. Julie sent her a look of pure venom and Rachel quickly halted her giggling. They soon returned to idle chatting, and the evening passed with nothing eventful, no one getting up to dance again. Steven was driving them both home and Rachel's house was closest, so they dropped her off first. Rachel mouthed "Call me" and Julie nodded. When they reached Julie's house there was an awkward moment and then Julie said "I'd better go in before my parents start to wonder where I am." She opened her door and Steven said "Wait! I'll walk you to your door." She stood next to the car while he got out and walked around. They walked in silence to her front door. When they got there, Steven turned to face her. "I had a really good time tonight" Julie said. "Yeah! Yeah." Steven said "We should do it again sometime, I mean, if you want to." She laughed and nodded. "I guess this is goodnight then…" she looked at him and was lost in his eyes. He stepped closer. She slid her arms around his neck and he leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips. When he tried to break the kiss, Julie pulled him just a little closer and was met with no resistance as she kissed him. She tilted her head and was once again in that world, where only Steven and she existed. Steven felt like thousands of multi-colored lights were swirling around his head, and he was sure he could hear fireworks. Reluctantly, she broke off the kiss. She lifted her hand and stroked the side of his face, ever so gently. With a small smile, she said "If I stay out here any longer, my folks are going to come charging out the door, and this is not the first impression you want to make on my dad." She gave a short laugh. "Good night." She kissed him again, very softly and backed out of his embrace. She turned to the door and then turned back. "Well…one more can't hurt anybody." He stepped forward and they kissed, only shortly, but it was more of a promise, they would kiss again. She backed up against the door and smiled at him. "Good night." She opened the door and slipped inside, he was still in a little bit of shock, staring after her for a few seconds before he turned to get back to his car. He waited for a moment, to make sure that he remembered how to drive. He wanted to be alive to be kissed by her again.

Her dreams were filled with Steven, nothing else. Kissing him, holding him, dancing with him. She was so happy that he also….she didn't know what to call it, she felt too young to be in love, but she couldn't deny that that's what it was "but it doesn't matter what it is", she scolded herself, "he feels the same way I do, and that's all that matters." She felt a warmth rising within her as she thought of that dance, his kiss. She felt so lucky. When she woke up in the morning, she remembered that she was supposed to call Rachel.

"Hello? Is Rachel there? It's Julie."

"Julie! I was wondering when you'd call!" Rachel said accusingly "I thought that you had forgotten all about me! Being all caught up in Steven and all." She said jokingly.

"Oh, ha ha ha Rachel, very funny." Julie said dryly. "Actually," she confessed "That's why I didn't call last night..."

Rachel laughed. "Well, I guess I can understand that, you two being in luuuuuuuve and all that!" Rachel started laughing really hard.

"Goodbye, Rachel!" Julie said.

"No, no, wait I'll stop." Rachel said, reining in the giggling.

"Then I won't hang up." Julie said.

When she got off the phone with Rachel, she shook her head, laughing. The phone rang again and she went to answer it.



Her heart fluttered in her chest, it was Steven.

"Hi, Steven." She somehow managed to squeak out.

"Hey, Julie." He said, sounding equally nervous.

"I was just wondering if you might, maybe want to go to a movie tonight?"

"Sure! I'd love too……wait…is it 'always sound eager' or 'never sound eager'?"

He laughed "Always. At least, if you are."

"So…what time's the movie?"

"Um……I used so much time building up courage to ask you, I forgot to look that up…."

She laughed and said "don't worry; I'm in front of my computer, hold on."

She tapped on the keyboard for a while and then "there's the forty year old virgin at 7:10"

"That sounds great!" he said. "I'll pick you up at 6:00, we'll get dinner first?"

"Great!" she said. "I can't wait!"

When she hung up the phone, she fell back on her bed with a dreamy sigh and stared at the ceiling. She then realized that she had a date with Steven in……less than 5 hours. She shot out of bed and to her closet.

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