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She passed through the rest of the day on a cloud, but when she got back home she was flung to earth with a jarring crash. Her mother was standing in the front hallway, and as she turned and put her backpack in the closet, her smile disappeared from her face. Her mother had her hands on her hips, always a bad sign. When Julie was facing her mother again, her mother's eyes threw sparks. "Julie Barbara Stevenson, we need to talk." Her mother's voice was so cool and level that it sent chills up her spine. She hadn't ever seen her mom this mad before.

She followed her mom into the living room, where they sat down on opposite couches. "Julie." Her mother's voice was soft, and, when Julie looked up, her mother's eyes were surprisingly concerned. "I don't really know how to start, Julie." Her mother sighed. "It's a complicated matter….I guess I should start by hearing your side…" her mother looked up at her inquiringly. "Well" Julie found herself REALLY not wanting to discuss this with her mother. "Um….we went on a date and it was a goodnight kiss?"

Her mother looked at her with that 'you've got to be kidding' look. "And you're trying to tell me that that was a first kiss? Or even a second one?" Julie just bit her lip. Her mother sighed again. "Julie, I want to believe that I can trust you to make the right decisions." Julie got angry. "And what have I done to lose your trust? Did I open the door to check on you like a five year old? Or did I shove a gun in your bo-?" she caught herself and swallowed "date's face." Julie's mother looked at her levelly, but with a small spark of anger in her eyes. "You didn't tell us it was a date. You said that you were 'just going to hang out'. Correct?" Julie hung her head. "I'm sorry, mother. I thought that yo-….well; I thought that Dad would say I couldn't go."

"So you lied to us instead?" her mother gave another sigh. Julie was coming to hate that sigh. "How many times have you guys gone out? And, young lady, you'd better tell me." Her mother had that deadly soft tone of voice again. In a near whisper, Julie said "First date." Her mother stared at her. Julie cleared her throat, blushing, but realizing that if she didn't just tell her mom, she was going to get in even more trouble than she was now. "When we went to the dance, Steven and I got up for a good song, Rachel didn't want to dance, but by the time we got to the dance floor, the song was over, and a slow song came on."

Realization dawned on her mother's face, but Julie kept going. "He asked me to dance and I accepted and about halfway to the song was our first kiss. When he drove us home, he dropped off Rachel first; our second kiss was on the front porch." Her mother had her head propped on her hand, and Julie took a deep breath before continuing. "When I told you we were going to go hang out, it was our first date, we went to a movie. Third kiss. He walked me to the front door. Fourth." Done, she looked at her mother. She still had her head in her hand, gazing off into space. "And that was when your father came out with a shotgun, huh?" Julie made a sort-of half laugh. "Yeah." Her mother looked in her eyes. "I'm sorry, honey. I didn't mean to barge out like that." She smiled, so did Julie. "It's ok, Mom……Dad's still having conniptions, though….isn't he?" Her mother made that half laugh. "Of course. He's your father, he's bound to be a little overbearing sometimes."

Her mother's smile slowly faded and she turned to face her daughter with a serious expression. "Julie. I think it's time that I tell you a little something about 'life' and why we're all here on this planet." Julie fell back on the sofa and started laughing; it started in her toes and burst forward in a big wave. She was laughing uncontrollably. Her mother looked confused, and a little offended. She reined in her laughter by gasps. "M-mom!" she gasped for breath. "I'm a Senior they've been telling us about this since the 6th grade!" Her mother looked slightly taken aback. "Oh….I signed forms allowing them to do that didn't I?" it wasn't a question, but a statement. Her mother started laughing "I can't believe I was about to give you 'The Talk'" they both laughed for a very long time before Julie went upstairs.

She got on her computer and started messing around. The phone rang and her mom called upstairs "Julie! It's Rachel!" Julie picked up her extension. "Rachel?"


"What's up?"

"Not much, you?"

"Not much."

"How many times has Steven called you today?" Rachel said mockingly

"I wish you wouldn't make fun of us about that."

Rachel laughed "No, seriously, I want to know."

Julie got angry "Rachel, I'm serious. I don't want you screwing around about this."

"Why? Afraid I'm going to embarrass you better than you guys kissing in front of the entire lunchroom?"

"Look, Rachel. If it's not bad enough that my parents came out the front door when we were kissing, my dad was holding a shotgun, we're both going to be made fun of relentlessly for this, and my mom just tried to give me 'The Talk', if you start bugging us about this, this could definitely be the last phone conversation you have alive, got it?"

Rachel started to say something, but Julie interrupted her.

"He still wants to go out with me after all this happens, and if you aid in ruining that……I don't know what I'll do, but…."

"Calm down, Julie, its ok, I'll stop….your dad had a shotgun?? Why in the world…?"

"I have no clue."

They both laughed and managed to carry on a normal phone conversation. When they got off, Julie noticed that she had an e-mail in her inbox. She clicked it up and felt her heart leap into her throat. It was from Steven.

"Hey Julie,

Just wondering what's going on. Call me or something. I'd like to talk to you.


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