Mold Me by writerforever

Lord, I come to You on bended knees

Needing Your help

For so long I have failed You

For so long I have lived a shameful life

But Lord You have forgiven me

Now I want to live every second,

Every moment

Every day for You

Give me strength Lord

Mold me into what You want me to be

Lord, help me to be humble before others

Lord, help me to forgive those who despise me

Lord, help me to love, not hate

Lord, help me live a life that glorifies You

Mold me into what You would have me be

Lord, when the road gets rough

And I can't feel Your presence

Help me to praise You

Help me to say "Blessed be Your name!"

Not only on the good days

But on the bad days, most importantly

Forever I want to praise You

To be separated from everything else

To forget about me and what I want

And to think of You

And worship You

Forever I will praise You Jesus!

You are holy

You are wonderful

You are God, King of my heart

Mold me into Your willing servant

Mold me….