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Chapter 1

"Ray it is time," Taylor yelled as she walked out of the door quickly throwing her purse over her shoulder.

She left the door open, because Ray was right behind her throwing a suit jacket over his shoulder.

"Why are we going to your parent's house again," he asked as he shut and locked the door.

"Because they want to me you," Taylor said turning around and straitening his tie.

Ray made a choking noise and then when she was not looking he pulled slightly on the tie to loosen it.

"Don't worry," Taylor, said jumping into his truck, where Ray was holding open the door for her. "They are going to love you," she said when he was inside the truck. She leaned over and kissed his cheek as he sped out of the driveway.

"Yeah if you say so," he said letting his brain take over the driving routine. 'I am in deep trouble,' he said to himself. 'Her father is going to kill if he finds out we are living together and if he knows about…'

"Does your father know," he asked cautiously as he pulled onto the freeway.

"No," Taylor whispered ducking her head down. The tears were beginning to form in her eyes. She wiped them away trying to keep from smearing her mascara.

"It's okay," he said patting her shoulder lightly with one hand still on the wheel. "Come over here," he said pulling her closer to him.

She did as she was asked to do and buried her head into his shoulder. "I don't know how to tell them," she mumbled.

"Is he going to kill me," Ray asked slightly chuckling.

"Probably," Taylor said sitting up and wiping at her eyes once again. A smile formed on her face for only a moment.

"Great," Ray said sarcastically as they pulled into the mansion owned by Taylor's parents.

"Yeah," Taylor said as he shut off the truck and they both hopped out. "Do I look fat," she asked as they stood there in front of the large wooden framed door.

The only outfit she could fit into was a dress she was worn before she had lost about twenty pounds and even that was barely hiding her stomach. She had kept her hair down, but straightened it for a change. She had added just a dab of makeup to her cheeks to keep from not looking so pale.

"No, you aren't fat," Ray said as the door opened and Taylor's mom welcomed them warmly.

"Hi mom," Taylor said hugging her mother tightly. "Mom," she said taking a step backwards. "This is Ray." She tried to smile, but really did not feel like it was worth the effort.

"Raymond," Helen said shaking hands with him. She searched him up and down taking in every flaw. Her eyes showed the true depth of her anger and pure hatred for him.

"Well come in," she said her voice slightly more pleasant.

"I am dead," Ray whispered into Taylor's ear as Helen turned around and they walked into the house.

"Well that's silly to think that," Helen said with a smile. "We aren't wild savages who are going to hang you from the nearest gallows," she said still smiling; her hands waving in the air.

"Mom can we please…"

A familiar male voice interrupted her sentence and the pit of Taylor's stomach felt cold and lonely. "Don't be too sure about that," he said.

"Hi daddy," she said dropping Ray's hand and hugging her dad tightly. "How are you," she said stepping back.

"Fine," he mumbled looking at Ray and giving him a cold stare that clearly said I do not approve.

"Daddy," Taylor said pulling Ray's hand into her own for support. "This is Ray."

Henry, Taylor's father, only nodded his eyes still searching for something to disapprove of.

Ray was shaking fiercely within Taylor's hand and his palms were sweating. 'I am dead for sure,' he said to himself. 'I would gladly go to the nearest gallows to get out of this dinner.'

He was looking for the nearest exit when someone else entered the room. "Julie," Taylor said stepping away from Ray and hugging her sister tightly.

"How are you," she asked.

"Fine," Julie mumbled searching Ray over just as her parents had done. The same dead stare, as if he was a deadly animal who needed to be killed.

"Who is this," Julie asked when Taylor forgot to introduce him to her.

"Oh I am sorry," Taylor said apologetically. "This is Ray, my boyfriend."

"Nice to meet you," Julie said shaking his hand fiercely.

Her eyed were devilish, and he thought maybe there was another reason behind kindness.

"Be careful," Taylor whispered into his ear as they entered the living room. "She is real trouble, practically a hoe."

Ray could not believe Taylor had said that about her own sister, but the whole family was weird, so who knew what to expect.

"Thanks for the warning," he whispered back, his voice tickling her ear. He laid small kisses on her neck and she giggled in a girly voice.

"In this house there will be no funny business," Henry stated as hr sat down on the couch opposite of them.

"I am sorry," Ray, mumbled pulling away from Taylor and placing his hands in his own lap.

"Well there's no sense in wasting time," Henry said with a frown. "Ray," he said sitting up a little bit in his chair and rubbing his chin. "What are your intentions with my daughter?"

"Excuse me," Ray said slightly taken back by her father's words.

"I want to know what your intentions are with my daughter. Are you going to knock her up and then leave her in some alley somewhere?"

"Daddy," Taylor blurted out.

"Well that wasn't exactly in my plans," Ray said with a smile. His smile dropped when he looked into Henry's eyes.

"From what we have heard we just don't think you are right for our daughter."

"Daddy," Taylor said interrupting. "Why don't you come with me to the kitchen?"

"Fine," Henry said as Taylor pulled her father out of the chair.

"What are you doing," she yelled as they entered the kitchen. "That is my boyfriend in there and you were very rude."

"Your mother and I don't feel he is right for you," Henry said in the sweetest voice possible. He patted her arm slightly.

"How do you know what is right for me," she yelled pulling away from his grasp. "I am finally happy with Ray and I am not going to let you take that away from me."

"There is no need to get angry," Helen said walking into the room. "Your father is just concerned."

"I have enough on my mind as is it with out the date doctor coming in and telling me who is and isn't right for me. That man in there is the father of your grandbaby and my child and I won't let you do that to him." The words had come out of her mouth before she could stop them and immediately she wanted to take them back.

Meanwhile back in the living room Ray was sitting alone on the couch watching the TV in the corner.

"So," Julie said sitting down next to him. "Are you and my sister like engaged?"

"No," he said scooting away from her.

"What's wrong," she said moving closer. "Don't you want to be with me? I am much prettier than Taylor." With a smile, she ran her fingers along his neck and he immediately pulled away.

"Get away from me," he said giving her an evil look.

"Why does it bother you," she said coming closer again, pushing her boobs right into his face. "Don't I turn you on," she said in a sexy growl.

"You are a hoe," he said jumping off the couch.

About that time, Taylor stormed into the room tears filling her eyes. "Come on," she yelled taking him by the arm.

"What's wrong," he asked as he was pulled out of the doorway into the night air.

"I told them," she yelled as they reached the truck.

"And," he asked.

"They flipped of course," she yelled. "They want me to get an abortion like tomorrow or something."

He took her into his arms and let her cry on his shoulder. "It's okay," he mumbled against her curly brown hair. "Everything will be okay," he whispered as she pulled back and wiped at her eyes.

"No, it won't be okay," she sobbed. "Can you please just take me home," she begged.

"Yeah, sure," he said opening the truck door and helping her step into it.