Chapter 13

1 year later

With a book in hand, Taylor kept reading, intent on every word. Her long fingers flipped through the pages quickly.

She began to drift off occasionally. Somewhere within the pages of the romance novel, she found herself thinking of Ray.

The sunlight came in from across the bay window and poured down upon her book.

"Taylor," someone called to her from the living room. She lay her book down and moved into the hallway slowly. Ray was not to be home for several hours, so who was in her living room was a mystery.

"Julie," Taylor said stepping into the living room.

Julie stepped forward and with a smile said, "Yes. I hope you don't mind the door was unlocked and you weren't answering so…"

"It's okay, but what happened to you," Taylor asked in shock as she looked over her sister from head to toe.

"Oh," Julie said frowning. "You don't like it," she asked running her fingers through her short red hair.

"No, no," Taylor said. "I do like it. What is going on though?

"Well," she said shifting slightly in her three inch heels. "I decided to get a new wardrobe to celebrate."

"Celebrate what," Taylor asked cautiously. Knowing her sister the way she did her sister could be celebrating anything from pregnancy; to a new guy she had landed.

"Oh, mom didn't tell you," she said looking up.

"No," Taylor whispered.

"Well," Julie said smiling. "I have been clean now for six months. After I was diagnosed with Cancer I thought I might want to enjoy life while I still had it left."

"Oh my," Taylor said moving forward. With tears in both of their eyes, she held her sister closer than ever before.

"What kind," Taylor asked as they sat on the couch together.

"Breast cancer," Julie mumbled wiping the tears out of her eyes. "I just came here," she said through sobs. "I just came here to apologize for what I did with Ray. It was so stupid for me to seduce and blackmail him like that. I am so sorry, but I had to come here. I made out a list of things I needed to do and this was number one after of I was clean, of course."

"It's okay," Taylor whispered. Her sister had come to her for forgiveness and it only felt right to give her that much, no matter what had happened between them.

"I forgive you," she said looking Julie straight in the eye.

"You do," she said in surprise.

"Yeah, besides I got the guy anyway." Julie and Taylor both laughed as they sat there.

"Speak of the devil," Taylor said watching as Ray walked into the room. He was halfway across the room with a sleeping Alex in his arms, before he as noticed Julie.

"I will be back," he said, trying anything to get out of the room as quickly as possible. Once back in the room, he nodded towards Julie with a smile.

"Relax," Taylor, said noticing how nervous Ray was becoming in the presence of her sister. "She just came here to apologize for everything. You know make peace with the family."

"That's great," Ray, said trying his hardest at a fake smile. He excused himself and disappeared into the kitchen.

"Well I must be going," Julie, said standing up. "If I miss my nightly meeting I have to go an extra week at the end."

"Well okay," Taylor said standing up also. "Maybe you can come by another time."

Julie opened the door and smiled as she turned back. "That would be nice," she said leaving.

"Ray what was wrong," Taylor, asked making her way into the kitchen.

He was standing over the sink scrubbing a plate and did not look up at her. "Why did she really come over here?"

"I told you to apologize for all the things that happened."

"I don't want her here again," he stated boldly.

"Why," Taylor asked.

"Because I don't believe her and her fake tears. She is just pulling us into a trap. We are just getting back to normal around here, why would we want to screw things up."

"What was I supposed to do," Taylor asked. "Throw her out of the house. She seemed sincere to me, and if she isn't then we know better that to underestimate her this time." She frowned and looked at her feet. "Look," she said moving forward. She wrapped her arms around his stomach and hugged him close. "We are going to be fine! Yes, we have both made mistakes, but this time we know better, right?"

"Yeah," Ray said pulling her tighter and taking in the scent of her floral shampoo.

"I bought you something," he said pulling away slightly.

"What is it," she asked curiously.

He dug into his pocket and pulled out a small black box. Handing it to her he said, "I know it isn't much, and all, but maybe you will like it. I did not plan out on of those big proposals, because I just wanted it to be simple. I was going to give it you over dinner, but now seemed better…"

Taylor had already opened the box while he was rambling on. She pulled him into her arms and hugged him tight. "Thank you," she whispered. "It's perfect."

"Thank you," he whispered capturing her lips with his own. Maybe life was not perfect, but it was as good as it was ever going to get.

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