Testify by writerforever

Every living thing

Seems to be whispering Your name

I hear Your name in the trees

I hear Your name in the singing of the birds

Everything seems to be testifying

Testifying that Jesus is Lord

I see You in everything

I see You in the blue sky

I see You in the bright sunshine

You are everywhere

As I pass a stranger on the street

I long to testify of Your love to them

I long to shout from the mountaintops

That You are holy

That You are God

That You are alive in my heart and soul

I want to testify of Your love

Let us all awaken from our slumber!

Let us rejoice!

Let us dance!

Let us sing!

Let us shout our praises to Jesus!

Do not be ashamed

Do not be afraid

Stand with me

And testify of the love that saved You

Let us testify His love

Until He comes to take us home

Let us testify that Jesus is Lord!