And afterwards, what is there left to say?
This moment is like
Losing my virginity
But ten times more intense
And yet again, much more surreal.
It's chilly as
I sit outside, guiltily watching our gear as the others move it
Cymbals and microphone stands
And a couple of coats and bags.

Anti-climax never meant so much
And if we do not get booked again quite soon
I think I'll feel quite dark and melancholy
Once more.

But the girl from Cox's Yard said we were great
And she'd speak to her, who'd speak to her
(The one who got us tonight's escapade)
To see if we can come again: she'd be most
Surprised if we did not get booked for one or other
Of the nights with no first support band, you know.

We set this place on fire,
It is our Factory.