Chapter 23: Epilogue

"This belongs to you." He told me, slipping a badly wrapped box to me between the prison cell bars.

I hadn't wanted to come. I wanted to reschedule my flight and leave once I knew that the intruder had been sent to prison. Yet Aiden made me come, just to say farewell, he had said. But what he didn't know what that that was what I feared most, saying farewell. I could not bear to see the ruined life I had caused… in fear that he'll hate me with all his heart for the rest of his life…

"W-what is it?" I ask, trying to stop myself from crying at all the terrible things I've caused.

"All that I owe you." He simply said. This Dreiden was unrecognizable to me. He seemed, older, weaker, less fun, tired and worn out; dead almost.

I turned to go, but Aiden stopped me.

"I can't bear it anymore…" I say through muffles of cries.

"You must, Everlyn, you must." He tells me, pushing me back to where I was before.

Through sobs and tears that I tried desperately to hide from Dreiden, I slowly opened the box. It was a bottle of sand, yet not just any bottle filled with sand. Slowly, I pulled out a photograph of what I recognized as the wrecked J.E. from the box. Except in this picture, everything was revived, and the place looked brand new. The sight of it made me broke out into cries of angst and sorrow.

"Why…?" I finally manage to ask.

"Because I have to prove to you, you can catch what slipped between your fingers if you want it bad enough." He told me, as I saw a tear slowly trickle down from his eyes. "Please don't leave me. I need you."

"No, you can't. What do you want more? Your life or me? If you stay with me, you might get hurt again…" I stumbled with my words as tears flowed freely from my eyes.

He let my words sink into him for a second. "My life-"

Upon hearing those words, I headed for the door. This time, no one stopped me. I had tried to prepare for it. How could it hurt more than I thought it would… How can my love for a fake relationship hit me so hard?

"My life, because you are my life." He finished, his voice now firm and strong, as the old Dreiden showed flashes of himself in the new one.

I stopped, and turned around, and through my tear stained eyes, I stared at him with hope. "Really?"

"Yes." He replied, smiling genuinely for the first time as his cell was unlocked and he walked over to me. "I can't let the same sand slip through my fingers twice," He continued, as he leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips. "Because if I did, I would never get it back."

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