"The Sunshine said Congrats"

By Cassandra Freiborg 9/15/05 (c)

The sky opens up,

this time not absorbing my sorrows,

but dropping tiny knives,

of icy sadness,

in buckets upon my shoulders.

I curse the clouds,

and they drift away,

not even apologising,

for drenching me,

and making me miserable.

I arrive home,

to the darkness,

to his sneering face,

and her drunken sway.

I wander to my room,

my routined muscles taking over,

as I do not have to see,

to know where I am going,

unlike the other places.

I pick up the phone,

and the dial tone is much too loud

they may hear it,

they may hear it

turn it down and dial your number.

You answer "Hello?",

but I am not satisfied,

with your hollow tone,

this never was you was it?

I sigh, and hang up,

before you know its me.

I should have stopped calling,

many years ago,

but I never was the type,

to let a love go by the wayside.

I log onto my computer,

and am a slave to my rhyme,

but it doesnt matter,

because when I look out the window,

the sky is clearing up,

and the sun shines down,

and says "Congrats,

you've made it through the storm,