I hate the fact that you're there
The fact that you're fifteen hours away
I hate the people you're with
You shouldn't have to deal with that shit
I hate who they are and what they stand for
I hate what they did to you
I hate that you'll give in
I should be with you
I wish I could've gone along
I promised you wouldn't have to go alone
But it's not my fault
No one trusts us together
No one knows what I'm feeling
I'm distraught
I can't sleep
I need to know you're okay
Please call me
Let me know
My mind is a fucking mess
I don't know what to think
I'm so angry
So depressed
A mix of emotions I can't describe
This is the worst I've felt in ages
I can't even begin to describe it
I want to smoke
I want to drink
I want to cut
Let me fall back on my old ways
It'd take the pain away
At least for a few minutes
I want that satisfaction
I can't have you
So why can't I have something to deal with it?
Why can't I have my outlet?
You've broken promises before
Maybe I should too
I need a way to deal with this
I need that satisfaction…