You wondered dear, how I could be so distant and be so quiet,

I was hiding a secret, and I can't deny it,

There was no beauty for you to see,

I told you not to fall in love with me,

But you did my love, and chose your fate,

Of a world dark inside me that was filled with hate,

You didn't see that side of me when our love had everything to gain,

You only saw it when the clouds arose, and poured on me the blood rain,

That day had been so perfect and the sky had been so blue,

But the night brought with it clouds so black that began to rain on you,

As rain rolled down my forehead and overcame my eyes,

I became that other person dear, I could only hide with lies,

When I led you down that alley, you must have thought it was a game,

But when I drew my knife my love, you didn't feel the same,

And I know you must have thought I was insane,

As I lost control in the dark and devious blood rain,

In that gloomy, wretched night, such rain would tear us apart,

I gave my blade one thrust in pain, and aimed it for your heart,

I saw the confusion and pain reflected in your eyes,

I held you close, wet from the tears of dark skies,

Don't ruin it darling with a scream or shout,

Just let me hold you close as your life drains out,

How could you think I was so tame?

Don't ask me why, just call my name,

My attempts to control myself were all in vain,

Please blame not me, but the blood rain,

Insanity was my only plea,

I blame them not for showing no mercy,

I love you darling, I wish you could tell,

As I write your name on the walls of this cell,

I wrote it with my own tears and mud,

Than slit my wrists, and wrote it in blood,

Suicide would be my final sin,

I couldn't wait for the execution, and made a knife out of tin,

I wrote your name a hundred times before I took my final breath,

And took my final fall that night, and reached my bloody death,

They found me later in a pool of blood, a small smile etched into my face,

For my last image was of you my darling in a beautiful, Heavenly place,

Where there's no more sorrow and there's no more pain,

Where you won't find me nor the wrathful blood rain.