A restless night

A soft breeze whispered through the trees and everything was silent. I could fell her breath slowing and becoming heavier indicating she had finally dosed off. The stars were bright and casting an eerie glow on the ocean below us. My cheeks felt cold and as I let out a sigh, my breath could be seen mingling with the frosted air. It was a clear magical night, the kind that is perfect for gazing out of your window to count the distant stars igniting the night sky. A sudden gust of cold air blew from the now peaceful ocean causing her to shiver as she slept. I held her so close I could feel her soft breath against my cheek. It had been a long day. My memory was hazy, trying to comprehend what happened. I was exhausted, longing for sleep but my mind was too alert and unwilling to rest. So I lay in her arms unsure of what came next, scared of the unknown. She mumbled beneath her breath, lost in her dreams, safe in her peaceful slumber. My love for her consumed me as I listened to her incomprehensible rambling. Her soft skin grazed my cheek as she gently changed her sleeping position. My mind sighed as I thought of what we had been through. My heart ached knowing that soon the sun would rise casting a thick orange glow over the ocean. And that when she awoke we would be faced with the same crude prejudice as the day before.