Silver Bullets And Broken Hearts

Odd, isn't it? The way people seem to pick themselves up from something that has just shattered their lives… How can they go on after having their heart broken? I know how, the answer is: they have to. Everything in life has to do something. The body isn't a thing that just breaths and eats, no, it's like a machine, and when something is broken on that machine, it needs to be fixed.

Just like life, isn't it? When something in your life doesn't work, you have to fix it. To live life is one of the hardest things you will ever do, but you have to carry on… or else, who will fix the world?

I remember when I was trying to fix the world. I remember so well… so well that it's haunting, for, I hate remembering my past.

Have you ever heard of a man named: André Alexander Zelig? No, of course you haven't. The reason is because: he is no a man. He is a vampire. A vampire to be proud of, I add. I first met André in the middle of the year 1600. A famous vampire, the same as his father. Famous for what, you ask? I will tell you, famous for being a great Lycan slayer. I met his father, a pretty laid back vampire, I spoke to him, wanting to about his family. It was then that he told me of his son. André, André was learning to slay the lycans like his father, and he was good at this young age… but anyway…

I first looked upon André in a dark room, it wasn't until the moonlight traced on him that I saw his looks: a handsome vampire of wealth with his father distinctive green eyes and short blonde hair. A dark blonde though, not light at all. I remember looking upon his figure, tall, oh yes, very tall, six foot five inches to tell the truth and grand, proud large shoulders. This vampire was strong and you don't need any help to see that. He was dressed smartly and stood out… a lot. I remember looking upon his pale skin, much like mine… it was…

As I recall, he sat down, very slowly, his eyes locking into mine and then his shoulders came closer as he leant towards me, he spoke the words…

"Join Me. My father speaks well of you, Viliaris…"

And, how could I say no?

So, I joined him and we became great lycan slayers… God how I hated them, it was then that I learnt about André's past… and as to why he came to me. His entire family was killed by a group of blood thirsty lycan, lead by a monster named Quinn. The lycans had broke into his families mansion and… well, you understand, I am sure… André only lived because he locked himself in the cellar, underneath the beautiful mansion… after he had watched his mother and father die, ripped from each others arms. The family had completely no warning and the guards had been killed, torn to pieces.

I, of course took great pity on him, for it had taken him well over a year to tell me this.

We got along fine until the lycans became clever and most learnt to do what they wanted with their power, not just become a monster and rip up anything in sight… no, the learnt how to control themselves a lot better than we ever thought they could.

It was then that a girl joined the two of us. Her name was Iris… Iris Wynter… what a bitch of a vampire to have as a friend… friend? Well, friend is to much a smaller word, it was back then, anyway.

Let me tell you something, beauty may be what a woman is on the out side, but beauty isn't always on the inside. Miss Iris loved to kill. Nor André or myself could ever stop her. If she wanted to kill the raving mad lycan with just her bare hands… we couldn't stop her. She learnt to use her strength well and was a very beautiful… killer.

My loving life with André and Iris ended in the mid 1800s when a male vampire named Otis joined us. I can tell you now, Otis was at that time the most rudest things this side of England. I hated the little sneaky thing that I couldn't trust as far as I could throw… wait, I take that back… the night I left, I did throw him pretty far… I laugh now, but back then, it was the worst night of my life.

As I conjure up this memory tears run down my cheeks… oh, so long has it been, I have never told anyone my story before. My heart brakes and downfalls. I remember walking along the hall, heading towards the room where I would have found André, I entered the room but didn't find my friend. I found the dead body of his girlfriend. A pretty girl, she was… was… a Spanish girl named Nadine. She sat in his chair, blood running down her neck. I had ran to her and touched her face, but she was stone cold. Mortal is was… she had been. There were bite marks on her neck, the marks were deep and I lowered my head to look at them. I felt the tears run down my cheeks as I called out her name and hugged her… her blood was on me, on my shirt, my cheek and chin.

That was when the door burst open and André entered, followed by Otis…

"I saw him enter here just a few moments ago…" Otis had spoke.

I watched as André face dropped and he looked at me dead in the eyes, "Get out." he demanded. I had told him that that was how she was when I entered, but he hadn't listen. André didn't listen to many, it was only his own words that ever mattered to him. I walked past him, it was useless trying to talk to him when he was so upset.

As I leave the room, I did pick Otis up by his throat and threw him down the stairs. He stood and shouted. But I blanked him out. I looked upon Iris as she stood by the door. She gave me a cold look and I was heart broken. I think it was because of the shock of everything happening so fast that I didn't try and stay, but the moment I saw Iris open the door for me… I knew that she wasn't going to follow me out and believe me…

So it was then that my heart was broken. I left the mansion with little money in my pockets and just memories. I didn't it go to the grand mansion, I thought about it many times, yes… but, never went back.

Years and years past me by and I lived alone. What else was I meant to do? Iris had my heart. But, something took me back to the mansion. In the year 2005, my mobile phone rang… never had I thought it would ring, for I had no friends. I, in fact enjoyed the game 'Snake' So I almost threw the phone to the wall as the high pitched, annoying tune played. I gasped and looked at the screen: Privet Number. I tiled my head, no-one even knew my number, I didn't even know it myself… I looked puzzled and pressed the answer button, "Hello?" Then I heard a voice I knew… knew very well… André…

"Viliaris… We need you…"

So, life is odd, isn't it? Do you think that I went back to André's mansion, or do you think that I sat on my ass, watching a couple more thousand years pass me by…? Hell no, why did André phone me? God, life is funny. Believe me, this is just the start of my story. I'll tell you about my life from after that phone call…

Are you ready for me to continue…?

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