Chapter Eight

Oliver's cried out in pain and gasped continued all the way to André's. When I pulled up in André's large drive way, I looked at him, "Oliver, you have to take care here. Do not argue with anyone at all, or they won't even try, I'll argue with whom ever, but don't you worry about it… and don't attack anyone at all…" I said and got out of the car. I'm going to go and open the door, wait here, okay?" I asked and left him as I got out of the car and walked towards the front door.

"Okay, okay." Oliver said in a whisper, looking at the large house. I knocked on the door. It was opened by Aveline. "You're back… what happened?" she asked, looking at the scratches on me, the blood and then at last, the car. "God… what happened?" she asked and looked quickly back to me.

"Love, no time, I gotta help someone, hold the door open." I told her, "Is there a longer coat or jacket there?" I asked and she turned, looking around and took Otis' black long coat. I took it and turned, walking back to the car, but my footsteps were becoming heavy.

"Viliaris, what have you got?" she asked, standing still.

I opened the car door, "It's okay, put this on…" I told him and helped him slip the coat on. He then tried to stand, but he couldn't. I put one of his arms around my neck and then picked him up like a child, holding him close as I walked towards the house.

Aveline's eyes went wide. "How dare you shout at us for bringing one here!"

"Yeah, but… you didn't bite yours." I told her simply.

"What? … You bit him… why is he here then?" she asked.

"I want you to help him… anything." I told her and walked on slowly. "I want you to try and keep him alive."

"Why? Is he important?" Aveline asked, looking over Oliver.

My head hurt and I moaned slowly, "

"Every life is important…" I answered and looked at her, walking towards the labs. The pain that ran through me again was getting worst and I couldn't stop anything I was doing at all, I have to continue, get Oliver to the labs and help him, I had promised, after all, and I kept my word… normally.

Aveline followed, "Viliaris… You can't bring him here." she said and looked at me. "If André finds out, then you're in trouble and if Otis finds out, there'll be hell to pay."

"I'm not scared of Otis. I'm not scared of dying and I'm not scared of André… I am worried though, about someone, not myself, but someone I care about, a lot."

"Oh? And who's that?" Aveline asked, "Yourself? Because like you said, there's no-one else on this bloody earth that likes you, and I'm starting to see why." she said as she followed fast as I headed towards the labs.

"Things are different now." I told her and continued on my way. But my feet began to trip over each other. "I didn't think Iris was alive then." Aveline was quiet as we entered the labs. I laid the hurt boy on to one of the tables and took his wrists, strapping them down to the table, though Oliver did try to move his hands away as he cried out sharply. "Hey, it's okay." I told him as clearly as I could, "Just to help us help you."

Aveline then spoke up, "Then why did you go looking for Quinn if you didn't believe she was even alive?" she asked, her voice was very low now as she looked at me and I raised my head to let my eyes look in to hers. "Why would you do that?"

"What's the point in living if you having got anyone to share it with?" I asked and felt the feeling of being sick in my throat.

"You said that you didn't think she was alive then…" Aveline spoke quickly, "But, then, what has changed your mind? Hope?"

I however didn't answer her question. "Fix him." I told her and waved a hand at the boy. "I don't care what happens, heal him as best you can, right now." I said before stumbling past her, leaning on a few tables and desks until I was out of the room. I went along the hall and groaned as I came back to the lobby. Sad to say, but this is where I passed out upon the grand wooded floor of the house, I haven't even made it to the sofa before falling. All I remember about this is that my eyes rolled back, my body gave out, going limp. I had done what I had meant to. I had gotten Oliver to the labs. I had put Aveline in charge of his life, though I knew little could be done to help him. I wanted him to try and stay alive for as long as I could keep him… I had thought that he might still be of some help.

I was awoken by a touch on my cheek. "Viliaris… wake." came Aveline's voice as she knelt to me. She shook her head, "Viliaris, I can do very little now… Only be at his side. He'll not make it. If I had to guess, I'd say he'll only live another ten minutes."

I listened to her and pulled myself together as my insides felt ripped, "I'll be there…" After pulling myself to my feet and feeling my head spin, I walked on after Aveline. My heart was hollow, broken for the moment. But both Aveline and I quickly covered our ears as we heard the sharpest howl that could have been made. Aveline had also ducked. I turned my head after hearing Otis now…

"What the bloody hell was that?!" he shouted, glaring at me. "Is that our werewolf?"

"No, it's mine." I answered and tried to get my eyes to focus on the vampire that I hated.

"Nothing here is yours, Viliaris, you even have to drive my car." Otis added, thinking that he had got the better of me… until I came out with.

"If you can call it a car anymore."

"What?" Otis asked and I grinned as his face dropped.

"Once again, Mate, I really think you have a hearing problem." I told him, I was not going to repeat myself to something that I hated. Something that wasn't worth talking to in the first place. Turned and entered the labs, Aveline following me.

Inside, Oliver was still strapped to the table, his body was unsure, I could see his veins beating throughout his body and his back trying to arch off of the table. His crying was heard loudly, howls and screams, all mixing into one. Yes, this was nearly the end. I went to his side, "Oliver, I'm sorry." I said. André came, pushing past Otis to stare at the lycan that I had brought in, My eyes looked to him, but I didn't speak to him, not yet, he could wait if he wanted to give me a talking to…

I looked to Oliver again and the pain that I watched him try to kill hurt me.. His breathing was loud, sharp and deep. He gulped air like a dog gulping water after running non-stop. "I'm here." I told the boy.

"Viliaris." André frowned. "What the hell have you brought here?!" he yelled and drew a gun.

"André… let him die on his own. I bit him." I said slowly.

"Then why have you brought it here?!" André demanded an answer. "For a show? Want to watch it die in pain?" he asked, his eyes glaring at me.

"Of course not. I was trying to make him better." Viliaris said.

"Before he dies, he can answer a few things." André said quickly. Looking down at Oliver, he narrowed his eyes. "What's Quinn's plans?! Where's my wife and child?" he asked loudly, clearly…

Oliver only let his eyes search over André, his eyes have lots life now, pale, even when André aimed his gun at Oliver, Oliver only breathed heavily and cried.

"Out." I told them. "Please, get out." I said deeply, I wasn't in any mood to argue, nor shout. It too a while before they left, but Aveline made them all go so I was alone with Oliver. "Oliver, it's okay, they are gone." I said to him as I went and held his hand tightly. "Tell me what your mother told you of Heaven…"

"She didn't." Oliver answered, his hand grew tighter and tighter in mine. "I don't remember her a lot… in fact, I just remember her eyes."

"Her eyes?" I asked, glancing down to his hand where I had bitten him. "I bet they were beautiful."

Oliver nodded, arching his back again. He was trying to breath normally and I could almost feel it.

"Then, I, Oliver… I will tell you of Heaven." I said and leant over him as I stood at his side, making it so I leant over most of him so if he looked to me, he could only see my face and shoulders. "There are angels of people there, it's a truly beautiful place. But, these angels… they have amazing wings, soft, made from pure white feathers, they are softer than silk… prefect, Oliver, these angels are prefect and they will help you, I know they will. They are very kind."

"But… no." Oliver said through a deep gasp of air. "I'm a lycan, I'll go to hell."

"No, Oliver… Earth is Hell." I said slowly, but I meant this. How could humans make choices in a world where only wrong is around them. "To die is a release."

"How do you know?" Oliver asked. "Have you even seen an… angel?"

I thought about this for just a moment before nodding. "Yes… I have, she was beautiful. Magnificent. She came to me when I needed her. You'll go to Heaven, and… you know what?"

"What?" Oliver asked as his eyes stayed in mine. He hung onto my every word now.

"When you get there… you'll open your eyes, and you'll know right away where you are, everything around you will be beautiful, you'll not be sad anymore, nor hurt… you'll be healed, and I bet the first eyes you'll see will be your mothers…" I said and smiled. Oliver breathing slowed a little and I saw a faint smile on his face. When I saw this smile, gunshot was heard, only once. My tears fell on to the face of the now dead child… "Rest in Heaven…" I say, looking at his lifeless face and slowly moved myself away. I was holding a gun in the hand that hand been hidden from Oliver's eyes. I had taken the pain from him… but at the cost of his life and as the blood ran from his chest, my eyes held sadness for him, even if he was a lycan…

The door opened fast at the sound of gunshot. André, Otis and Aveline came in, looking to Oliver's body.

"What the hell…?" Otis said, frowning, he reached out to touch the child's hand.

"Leave him." I ordered and pushed Otis to the side. "Let him rest in peace. At least show some respect for the dead, Otis."

Otis gave a glare, "I'll show respect to it when I see something out of it I can respect."

"Is his death not enough?" I asked and held my ground. "Is the loss of a life not enough for you? Otis, you bring shame to this house."

"It's just a lycan, Viliairs… Jesus, I bet he has met Quinn and joined on his side."

With this, I swung my hand up, backhanding Otis across the face, "How dare you." I said in a deep voice. "How dare you, you filthy, little worm!" I shouted as best I could before André pulled me away.

"My office, now." André said and looked at Otis. "Do not doubt Viliaris like that, Otis…"

Otis only frowned, "What do we do with the body? Burn it?"

"Bury it." I answered. "Now, grab a spade and run along to the garden." I mocked before I was pushed on by André. I moaned, putting my gun back in the holster. André was almost carrying me up the stairs. "I want to go to bed, now."

"No." André muttered. "I want to know what happened." he told me and then opened his office door and I sat in the chair, leant forwards and folded my arms on his desk, then rested my head on my arms.

"Okay, okay." I whispered and focused my eyes on André as he sat across from me.

"Viliaris, I want to know what happened… what you saw… everything." André spoke clearly and I kept nodding my head like a drunk.

"Okay, well, It was like this, I went to the shops and there was this young guy, he was all like 'nice car, man!' and I was okay with that and started talking and then I asked where to get some smokes from, and he was all like 'Ahh, the shop' So I goes in the shop, I do and-"

"No, Viliaris." André sighed. "Not the wonders of your shopping trip… what happened with Quinn?"

My mind thought back to this and flashes and re-runs burst through my head, I moaned and stood, holding onto the back of the chair. "It's not fair." he said, feeling light headed. I then shook my head. My wounds were healing by themselves… but the guilt of taking the child's life was hanging over me like a rain cloud. "I met him, fell threw a window." I told him as I backed to the door. André watched me backing away. "I'll talk to you tomorrow…"

"Wait… is he still alive?" he asked me and stood.

"I nodded and felt for the handle door. My fingers slipping on it a few times before I opened it. "And… André, I just have to tell you this… from now on, between Quinn and I, it's game on."

As I turned and left the office, my mind was spinning, my heart lost and, to tell the truth, I felt like shit. I wanted to die as I finally crawled into my bed, wearing nothing but my own skin. The covers were pulled up to my shoulders. My eyes stuck on the ceiling. "If you like, God, I swear you may take my life… just please let me get my Iris safe first. Then you alone can judge me for my sins." I spoke to the ceiling. It puzzled me as to why everyone looked up when asking the Lord for something… because, if it were up to me, I would have thought people would look down towards the earth… Oh well, that's my opinion

Well, I had left it to God to help me. I offered him my life, but, would he take it after all the bad things I had done? I have been a horrible person for most of my life, I've done things that would make you cringe… but, at least I'm man enough to admit it.