A/N: Ahh...I'm so sorry...I can't find time to review...but everything here has calmed down again...back into routine...and I will review you all back. Thank you so much and have fun. Anyways, this is about how anxiety is starting to take over again...and you can go from there. R&R me, I'll R&R you.


AtTacK 9/16/05

It's coming back again
The pounding in my head
As my heart rate goes up
And my hot hands burn
You worry too much
But they don't worry enough
Don't they know what could go wrong?
What happens when a loved one dosen't come home?
And the phone won't ring and you were sure it would...
If I didn't worry, I'd be no good
Sometimes it's like I'm worthless if I'm not afraid
Like I don't deserve the light of day
And I think I do
But why should anyone else?
They're pretty, smart, and I'm left to hell
Loving everyone and just trying to help
But heaven forbid anyone love me back
Heaven forbid someone gives me some slack
I can't even bring myself to talk anymore
People try and talk, I shake my head and walk
If I'm asked a question, I act like there's no answer...
Because with what I want to say, nothing's probably better
'Cause nobody-nobody-ever understands
And it's getting tiring to fight and have to make amends...