(Haven't written in awhile, I know. So sue me. I just liked the name, to be quite honest. But then I developed a poem for it. Enjoy!!)

A Glass of Optimism for the Hard Boiled Cynic

There's an egg that has been cracked too many times:

Yet it always seems to get taped up an glued back together.

There's a glass-

with pure, sparkling water:

half full.

The egg is wary of the (half empty) glass-

too dangerous.

No matter how pure the water,

the egg reasoned, it is always diluted-


But, as always, the egg is led to believe the water is pure and good:

and wonderful-

half full.

The egg knows not to do this,

yet it does anyway-

falling into a pool of renewal.

The egg, however, still has its doubts. It knows it may crack-

Or fall apart.

Sometimes one only needs:

a glass of optimism.

(I am pretty happy with it. Feel free to comment!)