Truth be told

It was never love

It was a figment

Of your imagination

You pointed this out to me

That's all it was


Now I'm out of reach from you

You won't get me back in any way


Or Form

As far as you are from me

I can't help but feel pity for you

Pity is such a strong word,

Is it not?

The feeling or remorse

But not actually feeling bad?

My definition

Stop trying

For your own sake

It's over and done with

We'll never truly talk again

You've broken my trust

You've broken my friendship

At one point you had broken my heart

Why would I give you another chance?

This is where the pity kicks in

You try so hard to be accepted by everyone

When you don't realize that you should just give up

People would like you better

But you don't seem to see that

Trying so hard to gain attention

Always failing in the attempt

Always flailing as an attempt

It's a disgrace for me

To say once considered you a friend

You're out of my life, that's the end of it

This is the last remaining notation in my mind of your existence

This disjointed poem

That just contains disjointed thoughts