It was the summer of 2004 when I went to Niagara Falls with my family and my relatives. The moment that we stepped out of the van to walk to see the spectacular falls. While I was walking, I noticed the scenery was very beautiful, the birds were chirping, the cool breeze was flowing thru the trees, and I could hear the falls with many thunderous sound around me.

My family and came near to the falls, and I could sense the air being very moist. When I was walking, I saw tens of thousand tiny water droplets passing through a sun ray. I was shocked to see that there were many rainbows going in all direction when coming ever so near to the falls. My family was ecstatic from seeing the many rainbows that were in the air. My brother and my sister wanted to know how far the falls were; my father told everyone that the falls were around the corner.

When I saw the column of rising dew drops on the sky I knew that the falls were close by. When we got to the falls I remember a wide open ground next to spectacular falls. In that moment I wasn't on earth, I felt like I was somewhere different that was so beautiful. When I broke the reality barrier in my mind, something I can't describe happened to me. I saw the water falling in different ways that blew my mind in ways that made all my senses go crazy.

When I was next to the falls, I looked down and saw something new that I haven't saw before. What I saw was amazing, five hundred thousand gallons of water flowing out of a cliff to another body of water down below fifty seven feet. Time passed so quickly that my head started spinning around. My uncle and my father were observing how fast the rate of water was going when it was in the air. My mother was awfully worried where my mind went. My brother laughed so hard when my aunty was being soaked by me when I was throwing water at my aunty.

When it was evening, the water turned int so many colors. I k new the colors came from the lights from down below the falls. My family was amazed how beautiful the falls looked during the night. My feeling were uplifted when I saw fireworks above the falls. The fireworks lasted five minutes and during that time I wanted that moment to freeze in time. When the fireworks stopped, me and my family went back to the van and went back home to Virginia.. I will never ever forget my trip to Niagara Falls.