Hating its own demise

Who's to blame for all this that has happen during the time of the most wise

Can this really grow into a plant its own destruction when it will rise?

Fearing a period of a time of worthless beings transformed to evil helpers

How can I not know what I knew before this all happened?

the information that was everywhere to see but I was to blind to know it all

Why did I even care before this evilness was just a thought in the mind of you

Did you really think I changed it all just to be a perfect person?

The reason was not so clear to the minds of others around us

How can they know what in their minds was something that could change us all?

Why is it you are yelling at me for all your faults? I did not cause them . . . YOU DID

Crying on the day of judgement will not help when you are in the line going to hell . . .

Likewise to some souls who always undermining their self . . . contemplating won't do anything

To think this was something out of a horror novel . . . why didn't I notice?

Seeing others not knowing what's in their minds can change us all. Why didn't they notice?

Entering ones mind can be a journey that lasts forever until one discovers their true identity

Walking on a plain field with a fading memory that has no meaning to you or life itself

Swimming in a memory pool which gets deeper while you trying to remember everything

escaping from a Strong black hole while trying erasing a meaningless memory that has pain

Picking a file which contains a certain memory that you always wanted to remember forever

Did you ever think what's in front of you is precious and priceless?

Did you ever wonder what's in front of you will lead you to be successful?

Did you ever ponder what's in front of you can change your life for the good?

Did you ever think what's in front of you is something you never thought that will affect you?

Why is it when the good times are here . . . we just become those who are blind?

Why is it when the bad times are here? We just become those people who really care?

Why are some people always blind . . . are they ignorant or arrogant or both?

Open the eyes which truth is always there . . . how can they know when they are blind?

Any soul that knows you must know things which thoughts can really affect your mind

Look at your friends and REALLY SEE what's going through in their everyday life

Can a memory of your friends being in pain change how you feel right now?

Can a memory of your friends being happy change how you feel right now?

Ask yourself if you were there for all the good and the bad....

Are you the good or the bad?

Ask yourself if you were there for all the happiness and the pain . . .

Are you causing the happiness or causing the pain?

We don't know what to think or what to say in some awkward situation

Just know that we are there for you . . . Do NOT doubt us if your soul is in memory loss

if ever in doubt . . . search for us in your memory for also we are in there forever . . .

Good and bad memory is linked between to people that affect you and your life