Allison opened her eyes, wondering why she was waking when she could so vividly remember dying. Had it all been some strange dream? Maybe just a hopeful wish? But as she forced herself to sit up, she saw the blood staining the floor, the tangled chains lying about, and a strange pile of clothes lying to one side. She put a hand to her head as everything swam in disarray.

What happened? Where did it all go so wrong?


In the darkest corner of the house, lit only by the erratic flicker of candles, carmine lips curled into a smirk.


Allison stood slowly, feeling so weak. Her legs wobbled beneath her as she stumbled along the wall in the dim moonlight, searching for a door she knew wasn't there. But then, she was trapped. She would die in the small room! Cold fear smothered her sensibilities as she began to run along the edge, her fingers trailing the endless expanse of stone and mortar.

"Help!" she cried out, knowing she didn't truly want any help from this house. In fact, she would have hidden if it had come. But to her relief and dismay, none came. Hopeless, she sank to the floor, burying her head in her hands and trying not to weep in despair.

Her thoughts returned immediately to the events before. Maverick had been there, right? And then- what? What happened? She shook her head, trying to think of something else. But her memories played in a loop, constantly falling back on one another. She had to break the chain, to think of something beyond the round walls of her prison.

The hallway where she had met Gaius. It swam dimly into her thoughts, a hazy picture of the dreary corridor forming. She looked down and saw the pale pink scar across her fingers where the fumbled blade had left its mark.

She hated that memory just as much, but would have given anything to return to that dim expanse of hall. Just to see something other than the circular walls that held her captive. Yes, to see that pale flickering of torchlight that had drifted over the walls, that would make it all better.

For a moment, she felt the world swirling about her. The wall supporting her faded away as the floor collapsed beneath her. But then, it was back. Yet, something had changed.

Allison let her dark eyes drift open. It was the hallway, with a single torch glowing just around the corner. Slowly, she forced herself up and began a slow trudge along the pathway.


Kappa kicked aside a glass that had apparently fallen from the bare table as she wandered around it. All at once, she froze in her inspection. She felt someone coming. Spinning quickly towards the shadows, she confronted him.


But from those shadows stumbled not the goofily grinning figure she expected, but a stumbled girl with dark eyes and chestnut hair. She was pale and leaned heavily against the wall, but there was a cold fire that blazed to life in her eyes as Kappa gasped at her in astonishment.

When she spoke, it was with a voice laced with heavy suspicion. Truly, she was afraid she already knew, but she asked anyways. She would gladly be proven wrong. "What do you mean by Maverick?"

.........End this short, pathetic, little chapter..........

As I promised, the twists start with the first sentence. A few more, I'm sure. And Saeger gets a cookie for getting Allison's fate right on. Or, at least, close enough to count. Who did it? Marcus, as an act of revenge? Maverick when he couldn't stand his grief? Is that why his depression is so complete? Because he committed the ultimate betrayal (Betrayal...hmmmm....?)? Could an omniscient narrator miss a single drop of blood falling on near lifeless lips? What about Kappa? Could she be out for revenge? Should this author stop reading Hawthorne? I will answer that one with an affirmative. Anyways, this is the last in the Betrayal Saga. Short, but I pulled a tendon in my thumb at soccer and it is getting angry with me typing so long. Well, so long. And let me know what you think of it so far. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!!