I Play the Game

I look into her eyes

She is pressed up against the wall

My body against hers

I softly kiss her lips

My hand rubs her neck

I softly whisper

I love you

In her ear

I kiss her more passionately now

Pushing her farther into the wall

My hand touches her knee

And slowly goes up her skirt

She stops my hand

And whispers no

She looks into me eyes

I see the look in her eyes

And I know this is all just a game

In the end

I will win

I always do

But it's still fun to play

I slowly undress her

Despite her voice that keeps saying no

She likes it

I know she does

Although she'll never admit it

I know she does

I can hear it in her voice when she moans

And I can sense it when I cover her mouth

So no one will hear her scream

In the end

I know I've won

Yet again

But that doesn't mean I won't play again