Chapter One - Fortune

A year had passed since the young vampire had met her. To be the first to have seen her, to have met her that day at all, that had been a pure stroke of luck that seemed to have had nothing to do with his own. That was when he'd first began to wonder... What was luck?

He remembered the definition she'd once given him. 'Luck' was a random mix of oppurtunities, but not the oppurtunities of the individual. The oppurtunities of the flow of life itself. That was luck for her.

He had taken the time to consider that. She always had some kind of morality or philosophy to her words. It wasn't surprising though, she didn't look or act it much, but she was a sort of sage. And she always thought so deeply about things. That was one of the special qualities he admired. She had so many answers for so many of her own questions, and she solved the riddles of the questions within the answers themselves. He knew he would never be able to keep up with her.

But then one day, he wanted to ask what she thought of him. He had known she wouldn't give him a serious answer, and he'd been right. She didn't like talking too personally about her thoughts, especially with him. Yet he was confused, because she seemed so comfortable when the two were alone. He supposed that she atleast thought him a friend then..

Still, if she thought that luck was a mix of oppurtunities, would that mean that she'd thought him something similar? That didn't make sense though. No, it didn't. And even she knew that none of their group was actually what they were. Well, in a sense.

He gave a mental sigh and headed inside the restaurant he'd been looking for. He made his way to a table and sat down, addressing the young woman across from him.

"Katey Gitz? I'm Peter Poscke. Someone told me that you were in need of a little help from destiny..."