Chapter Six - Conclusions

"What are you doing here all out on your lonesome?"

Peter looked up to see Silith sitting next to him and smiled at her. "Nothing. Just thinking to myself."

"You? Thinking? Well there's something new."

He laughed and picked up her hand to softly kiss it on the back. "Oh really? Don't I have the right to use my head like everyone else does?"

She smiled and raised an eyebrow while gently pulling her hand away. "Well of course you do. I doubt Lithe does though. He's rather brainless.."

"Hahaha, so he is." He smiled at her awhile more as she turned her head up to watch the stars and the half full moon.

"..Half a month left for humanity to sink in again." She sighed. "Ironic, isn't it? We watch the moon and admire it for its beauty, for its meaning, and for the night that it signifies. Beauty, meaning, and night.. These three things mixed together is what the moon is, and what makes up a part of the complexities gifted to us by the Lord. Not true and total humanity, but a copy of it. One that will allow us to understand the humanity itself, unlike those below us.."

He also turned to look up at the moon, but only briefly. His eyes kept forcing him to look down, to look at her, and the moonlight reflecting in her violet eyes. A complexity that is merely a copy of real humanity...was that what he was feeling then? A mere copy of love?

"It's almost as if the more whole the moon becomes, the more it fills within us. And when the true full moon comes each month, inside us is the total amount of complexity we are able to hold. Then in return for our ability to carry such a gift, we lose a certain amount of our powers which the moon steals from us so as to shine ever more brightly."

She had no idea that she was describing herself, did she? His moon was here, sitting next to him, with absolutely no idea that she shone ever more brightly, more brightly than the moon, all because she stole more and more of his soul. The longer he stared at her, adored her, thought of her, the more precious she became to him, and all the more blinding she was to his eyes.

"On the other hand, when the full moon passes and it starts to wane, it gives us back our powers but hides away the 'humanities' we were given by it. So we end up going through an endless cycle."

Would that happen to him? Would he become so ignorant of her that she would one day disappear from his mind and allow empty darkness to take her place? Or would it be that she would one day leave a missing piece there, only to come back and then disappear again as the moon did..?


"Hm?" He snapped out of his thoughts and immediately came back to reality. Stupid..

"..." She turned her steady gaze to him. It felt cautious, almost suspecting as if he were doing something wrong or strange. She watched him a few moments longer and just as he was about to open his mouth she shook her head and got up. "Never mind." A sigh escaped her. "You're always so hard to figure out...and yet I never ask." And away she went.

Peter was left in silence once more. Left to think with himself. Left to watch her as her own thoughts lead her farther and farther away from him. Csestra...dear Csestra... He knew the feeling. He couldn't even figure out himself. Perhaps if one day she does ask, though, that will be the day he has finally done so. Then, Silith, he will answer. But for now.. For now he had just a simple one for the question that still could not be answered. What was he feeling?

He sighed softly into the breeze that passed by, knowing that it was not Draq nor one of his little play toy servants. Even the answer he had now was a tiring one. One that made him wish he knew as much as Silith did. Then maybe he could know himself better. But for now, he would just have to wait for it. For now, he would just have to let life go on the same as if he'd not met an angel. Just for now....until something or someone showed him otherwise.


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