Here I sit against a wall

Forced to heed the shadow's call

Whispers silent in the night

Drowning out the will to fight

Wondering why it's right or wrong

Dancing to the forbidden song

The hands grip my shoulders tight

Still drawing me from the light

Staring up to a celestial cascade

Feeling the memories begin to fade

The arms now wrapped across my chest

Drawing me to my demonic rest

Her shadow ridden, shady form

Wraps around to calm the storm

The two hearts beating

Fill the calm so fleeting

Betwixt the tranquility and blazing fire

Only she can calm it's Ire

Held now in each other's arms

Tuning out he constant alarms

Between a beast of unquenching thirst

And the ethereal soul of the ever cursed

A damned love shall now begin

Forever encased in sacred sin

The love we thought we'd never know

Will finally have a chance to grow