Looking into the past

I never wanted you part of my life

I wanted nothing to do with you

Never meeting you would have been just fine

Now I can't deny

My feelings for you have drastically changed

I despised you, I abhorred you

But now it's impossible for me to even look away

Just the nearness of you

Sends chills throughout my body

The warmth that takes over

You alone can give to me

Every time we are together

I want nothing more than to hold you

To kiss you

And love you in everything I do

Thinking about how I treated you

I can't see how it was ever possible

And with the love I have for you now

Not being with you is unfathomable

How could I have mistreated such a beautiful man

How did I not see what I now see in you

I can't keep my eyes off of you

Always wondering what will be the next thing we'll do

I've never given my entire heart away,

Nor let anyone into my life the way I've let you

You alone have touched my heart

And in return I'll give you all the love you're due