A/N: I updated this, realizing that I had mixed up the locations the mountains and the plains in the first paragraph. The mountains are east and the plains are west, instead of vice versa.

Trasland was a country of many faces. In the north there are the Hills of the Mitsai, mysterious magic-users with the power to move mountains and knowledge of the future. In the east there lie tall mountains whose peaks remain snowcapped throughout the year. What is beyond them no one knows, but within them there are caves filled with sparkling treasures and ancient relics. In the south the Gryfold Forest grows, hiding strange magical beasts. And in the west, there are the Faollin Plains, home of the farms and pasture that support Trasland's population. And in the center, a great lake spreads out. Out on this lake rises a city, the great city of Tenero.

A young woman of twenty-six years stood on a balcony in the largest palace in the city. Under her, two children were running around, joyous for the first day of summer. The older one, a boy, was about eight years old, with light brown hair and bright blue eyes. The girl was a little younger, only five, and had red-brown hair and hazel eyes.

The woman on the balcony frowned as she watched her children. Her father didn't say anything, but he slept badly at night, and barely ate anything at meals. She was woried for him. He was an old man, and she knew there were problems in the country that bothered him.


The young woman turned as her husband caught her and hugged her tightly.

"Melior, I'm happy you're back," Eyle murmured. "The children missed you. Why do you have to go so often?"

"House Faol is causing trouble again."

"I know. Father told me about it. They're the only ones who didn't gain from our marriage. I should call the children." Moving to the balcony, Eyle shouted, "Elawen, Myra! Your father is back!"

Shouting with joy, the children race up the stairs to the balcony. Melior twirled them around, laughing. Eyle went back to the balcony, looking east across the lake.

House Faol is going to make trouble, I know it. They have something planned. I have to See.

Later that evening, Eyle was in her rooms. In her hand was a small ruby with a falcon engraved in it. It was the Tras jewel, the symbol of their house. Eyle looked into it, finding a slowly pulsating red light within. She breathed in time with the light, feeling its power joining with hers. Suddenly she felt a diving sensation, and she was falling.

She was standing in a wheat field, one that stretched out all around her. It was a pleasant summer day, not a cloud in the sky. Suddenly, the wheat burst into purple flame. The sky darkened, turning a deep amethyst. She heard screams, and soldiers ran towards her. A shadow rode behind them, swallowing up everything. It came up to her, and she could feels its evil, trying to take her, too. The scene shattered into amethyst shards.

Tenero was under her, burning too. People were running around in the streets, calling her name. Soldiers were following them, slaughtering them. Eyle tried to reach out to save her people, but she couldn't move. One of the soldiers looked at her. He opened his visor, and all there was beneath it was shadow.

The crown of Trasland was infront of her. A middle-aged woman came and took it, placing it on her head. The crown darkened, the silver turning a burninshed black. One by one, the jewels on it shattered, revealing the dead body of her father. Eyle shouted, but no sound came out of her mouth. The woman tried to pull off the crown from her head, but it was stuck to her head. The woman screamed, and all went white.

A white tower stood tall over a desert, and a dark-haired girl fell from the balcony, going through the sand. The tower cumbled apart after her.

A boy was running through a cave, a shadow running after him. He reached a cliff, and jumped off it. The shadow screamed in dissapointment.

A child was standing on a mountain, singing a song. A man came behind her to slit her throat, but she jumped of the mountain.

A young woman was climbing a black tower, ravens pecking at her. She reached the top, only to find a shadow waiting for her. She fells off, screaming.

A man and a woman stood on a hill, catching the people that had fallen, and rolling them down the hill into a ravine.

A woman with white hair and wisdom in her eyes looked at her. "Eyle, if you are ever in trouble, come to me. I will help you fall." The woman led her to a tower next to the sea. They stood at the top. Underneath, Eyle could see only a bright light.

"To save your life, you must first fall," said the woman. Eyle stood at the edge of the tower. She thought she could she something in the light below. "You must fall!" shouted the woman. Eyle fell into the light, and she felt herself burning away.

The ruby was before her, the falcon burning red. Suddenly, it shattered, and Eyle fainted.