Year 2984 brought with it the dawn of a new age. Global warming had reached such a level that inhabiting Planet Earth was no longer possible. Other planets in other galaxies were explored, a process made quicker by the highly advanced technology the people of Earth had spent the last millennia developing. The most suitable planet discovered, a world with about the same conditions as the doomed one they were currently preparing to flee, was found to be already inhabited by a peace-loving race of creatures that cared for their environment diligently. The other possibility was a smaller planet, Veta, with harsher conditions but no indigenous species.

The people of Earth were divided. One half were all for invading Metzic, and driving the existing settlers out. The other half wanted to respect the creature's homeland and move to the second planet. The discussion turned bloody and brutal, with the result that Mankind literally went in two opposite directions.

The Metzicrans, as they soon began to call themselves, killed all but a few of the aliens living on their chosen planet, and so also won the animosity of the Vetans. Then, through the capture of a Vetan civilian ship in Metzicran territory, resulting in the merciless killing of every passenger aboard the vessel, a bloody and brutal broke out between the two planets. The evenly matched enemies pounded each other until very little of their homes remained intact. Finally an uneasy truce was made, which the peaceful Vetans wished never to be broken. The Metzicrans, however, became more ruthless, terrorizing their former brothers and sisters with rumours and threats. No Metzicran set foot on Vetan soil. No Vetan ever lasted long on Planet Metzic.