Chapter 3

He was found in a city in Ontario Canada. He was sentenced 30 years in prison. My family tried to push it for longer but it didn't work.

My family had moved on with their lives: grieving, as they needed. It is hard watching them cry.

God let me write a letter, he said I needed to get feelings out. So I wrote it…

Dear Liam,

Look what you have done to me. You kidnapped me, raped me, and murdered me. How many times have you done this before? Am I the only one? Are there more?

Look at my family; they are suffering. I have to watch them day after day. It's really hard. I miss them so much.

You only were sentenced to 30 years in prison. My family has to spend a lifetime without me. It isn't fair.

Did you enjoy it? If you did, shame.

Are you feeling guilty? I hope you are?

Did you have feelings for me? Or was it all a lie?

Did you care about me? I bet you didn't.

Are you rotting?

Do you regret what you did?