"Renee Needs New Medication Part II"

I am deteriorating into nothing,
And what started on the inside
Is beginning to spread onto my flesh.
I feel so battered yet dry of all tears.
I can't be sewn back together now.
What I need is a shiny, sharp knife.

We are superiors in a world of imbeciles,
And we were meant for better things
Such as rotting in the ground.
I have been planning this night for so long.
In writing shall be the only remains
Of our sad, departed souls.

We did make promises
But never completed ourselves...
I won't let you fix this.
I want to be numb
In a most gleeful death.

My love, the only one who understood,
I'm going down, and you're coming along.
I'll tear you apart if you don't comply...
But after all this work, surely you must.

I hope I'm beautiful when I bleed across the floor.
We never got better, and it's time we were destroyed.
You and I shall be our own work of art.
A tragic suicide to untrained minds...
It's not meant to save anyone,
But it is meant to hurt.

What we are doing is not noble,
For we have lost the fight.
With terribly warped elegance,
I have given in to my self-contempt,
And I shall sneer when no one is satisfied.