Well, this is my first attempt at an original piece. I'm so use to writing poetry or fan fiction. Well, I guess I'll get the basics out of the way: This story is an original piece, and is completely fictional. It contains a male/male relationship that is the heart of the story. If you don't agree with it, go elsewhere. You have been warned. And as for everyone eager to read, I hope you enjoy. I have rated it M. Although it is not yet at that stag, in future chapter it will be. I hope you all enjoy!

Hold On

Chapter One: A New Beginning


I sat there, sullen, wearing the grim face I had worn for the last two weeks. I could hear my sister speaking from the drivers seat, but I wasn't listening, opting instead to watch the passing students slowly making their way into brick building that was Clemson High, my new school.

"… and things will get better, with time." I caught only the closing statement of her ten-minute lecture. I turned to her and flashed a fake smile to feign I had listen tothe constant rambling. I opened the passenger door and slowly crawled out of the vehicle and slung my side pack on. After a moment of hesitation, I turned to head up the steps and into a foreign place.

"Caleb," I heard her call my name, and turn to see the car window down, "Dillon will pick you up here after school."

I only nodded and turned away from her a second time.

"Caleb," she called to me again. I turned back to her, my face still as empty as ever. She sat there as though struggling to find the right words to say before utter, "I love you Caleb."

"I…" I paused, took a quick glance at the ground, then looked up into her eyes, "I love you too Jess." She flashed me a quick smile before putting the car into drive and slowly making her way down the road. I watched the car go until it was out of sight then turned, for the third time, and made my way up the steps.

Getting my schedule was easy enough, and the ladies that occupied the office seemed quite friendly and eager to help, a drastic change from my last school. My counselor, Mrs. Reid, was much the same. Elderly with graying hair, Mrs. Reid seemed everything you would expect your sweet old grandmother to be. She was quick to draw up my schedule and I was quick to take it, tucking it into my back pocket without looking at it. I spoke a soft, but sincere 'thank you' before turning and making my way into the crowded halls.

First period classes had yet to start, so the halls were packed with the some odd 600 students that attended Clemson High. I felt uncomfortable as made my way toward my locker, number 143. It seemed that all eyes were on me. I tried to avoid eye contact with anyone, but I could hear the mumblings of student as I passed. It seemed that a new student in a relatively small high school was a big event, and everyone was in quite a ruckus over it. I quiet often heard a 'Who is he?' and less often as I would pass a group of girls I would only catch spurts of giggles followed by the usual banter on who got dibs on asking him out. It seemed everyone noticed me, but all I wanted was to be left un-noticed.

I made it to my locker, checked that the combination worked then pulled out my schedule. I was somewhat pleased to see that this school too had block scheduling; four classes a day, hour and half each for half a year then switched to four new classes. But it seemed to me in midst of all the small talk (on her part) that Mrs. Reid had forgot to assign me a second block class. But at that moment it was too late as the bell for class rang.

I looked down again at my schedule. I had Government with a Mr. Welsh in room 201. As instructed by one of the ladies from the office, I headed for the second floor were she had told me all class rooms in the 200's were located. Once on the second floor it was quite easy to locate room 201, partly due to the fact that is was the first class room I came across and to the fact that there were a total of only five classrooms on the second floor. I hesitantly opened the classroom door and stepped inside. It seemed at that moment that the loud clamor that occupied the room died and once again all eyes were on me. The only noise to be heard was the periodic sounds of females whispering to the girls next to them.

I stood next to the door, not quite sure as to what I was suppose to do. It appeared that the teacher was not in the room, so I had no instruction to go by. Just as the stares of the fifteen other students began to make me uncomfortable beyond reason, the door opened and a man, who I could only assume to be Mr. Welsh, entered. He looked middle aged, with slightly thinning hair and a somewhat worn face. He saw me and smiled.

"Ah, you must be Caleb," he said, extending his hand in a friendly gesture. I took it, and we shock briefly, then he turned to the class. "Class, I would like you all to meet Caleb Ashford, a new student with us this year. Now I would ask you all to behave yourselves please. We always have fun in here, but I don't want a repeat of yesterday." This caused several of the students to chuckle.

"Umm…" I stated, trying to get Mr. Welsh's attention.

"Oh yes, Caleb…" He quickly scanned the classroom, "You can take that seat." He pointed to one just near the back, next to blonde girl who, surprisingly, looked to be the only one not looking at me. I made my way to my chair, ignoring the catcalls I got from the girls and one or more of the guys.

I sat down quickly and drowned out whatever it was that the teacher was spouting on about. I only caught bits and pieces… 'Legislative branch… checks and balances….' I only finally paid attention when he began asking the class questions, in fear that I would embarrass myself with complete ignorance. It seemed that at this point the class had become involved in a debate on the proposed bill that would make school uniforms required. It didn't interest me in the least.

In some twist of fate I was spared from Mr. Welsh's bombardment of question. Maybe it was his way helping me adjust. Maybe he had forgot I was there in the commotion, which I was clearly not a part of. Either way, he did not address me until he was splitting up the class into pairs to work on an in class position piece.

"Caleb," I looked up at him expectantly, "You may work with Jessica." There were several sighs of disappointment for a few girls, but I ignored them.

Of course I didn't know who Jessica was, but was relieved to find that it was very blonde girl I was sitting next to; the only girl who didn't burn holes though me with her eyes. As the rest of the class began working, Jessica slid her desk closer to mine. I didn't make an effort to speak, hoping she would break the silence.

"Hi, she said. I looked up to see here smiling at me and couldn't resist smiling back. "I'm Jessica, but everyone calls my Jay." She held he hand out, and I quickly took it, shacking it a bit longer than I had with Mr. Welsh,

"I'm Caleb…" I started, "But you already know that." That caused her to laugh. Then, silence came between us as we began working. Neither of us talked for almost ten minutes. This time, it was me who broke it.

"My sisters name is Jessica," I stated. Jay looked up at me and smiled.

"Your kidding," she shook her head slightly, "That's what you call ironic."

"Yeah," I said bluntly. It was quiet again, but it only lasted a few seconds before…

"You mean Jessica Ashford…" she said looking up at me more intently this time, "As in Jessie Ashford, the radio DJ for WRKZ, the rock station?"

I only nodded.

"Man!" she said, enthused but composed, "I listen to her on my way home every day."

"Really?" It was more of statement then a question.

"Yeah, she's great."

"I'll tell her that." Jay smiled at me.

"So… um you just moved here?" I could tell she was trying to get me to loosen up.

"Yeah," I tried to keep my replies as short as simple as possible.

"Where did you move from?"


"Wow, all the way from the states," she seemed nice and I could tell meant well. I guess I could get along with her. "I guess Canada is a bit of culture shock for you?"

"Not really."

"So what brings you all the way out here?" She had done it. She looked into my eyes and I knew she saw something. "I'm sorry, I'm getting too noisy. You don't have to answer."

"Its ok…" Oh my, was I actually going to tell her? I had not even uttered the words since it happened. If I just ignored it, it wasn't real, it didn't happen… and know I was going to tell a girl I had only known for fifteen minutes? …I took a breath, "My parents died." I said it… it was blunt but I had said it.

Her face dropped into one of mourning, mirroring that of which I had taken upon myself these last few weeks. "I'm so sorry… I…" I stopped her.

"You don't have to be sorry… you didn't know them, and you hardly know me." I didn't say it scornfully, but rather soft. She just nodded and fell quiet. We didn't talk again till our assignment was complete.

"So," she said, her voice again upbeat as though making an effort to cheer me up, "What class do you have next?"

"Actually…" I pulled my schedule out and slid it over to her, "I think they made a mistake… they didn't give me a second block class." She glanced at it a moment, then smiled at me brightly.

"It's no mistake. All senior student with 24 credits or more gets one free period a day. While you can't leave campus… legally," she added with a wink, "You may hang out in the library and work on homework, or as many student do, find a teacher they like and doesn't have a class and hang out with them."

This was new to me. "Oh," I stated.

"My free period is next as well," she said, looking at me, "If you'd like, you can hang with me. A few friends and I hang out in Mrs. Corbett's room."

I smiled. "That would be nice."

I shock myself mentally. I was not at all think that I would actually open up to someone enough today to make friends. I surprised myself. And Jay seemed nice, and her constant smiling only increased that persona. She was a beautiful girl at that too. She had shoulder length blonde hair, brown eyes, and perfect skin and teeth. And her body was built like a models. Everything a man could want in a women… and I'm sure if I were into women she would be what I wanted too.

The bell rang and the class quickly sprang to there feet. I was a little more slow in my movement, and Jay quickly took note and moved a little slower as well. I followed her out into the hall and toward the stairwell as we made our way down. I noticed that this trip down the hall was just as bad, if not worse, then the last. I'm sure that during class, word of me only spread, a thought that frightened me.

"So, who do you live with know?" Jay asked, seeming as though she was trying to break me out of my 'shell'.

"Umm…" I stumbled over myself as I talked, "I live with my sister, Jess, and her boyfriend Dillon."

"Oh…" She started, "So they…?" I knew what she meant.

"Yeah… they took me in after…" I kind of skipped ahead, "Well, me and Jess have always been reallyclose and she insisted that I move in with her. Not that I had much choice… she is the only family…" again, I faltered, "Her and Dillon have done a lot for me."

"Oh…" We turned a corner and walked into the nearest classroom. It was a music room, complete with choral stands and a grand piano. "This is Mrs. Corbett's room. She'll be in any minute, so you can met her."

Just then, two more girls walked in. One was a blonde, though her hair was a much more dirty shade then Jay's. The other had black hair and ebony skin. Both were equally as good looking as Jay. Jay waved them over.

" Beth, Lisa… I have someone I want you to met." The two girls rushed over, both exchanging hugs with Jay, then both turning to me, eyes traveling and smiles on there face.

"Caleb, these are my best friends Beth," I shook hands with the dirty blonde, "And Lisa," then shook hands with the other. "Beth and Lisa, this is the new boy Caleb."

"Damn!" Beth exclaimed when Jay's intro was complete, "I heard that the new kid was a looker, but you," she paused, "You beyond hot… your scorching!"

I felt my checks heat up a bit.

"Don't pay any attention to her," Lisa said, smiling kindly to me, "She's desperate."

Beth shot her a nasty look while Jay and Lisa burst into fits of laughter. I too found myself chuckling. "And I'm..." I stopped myself. I just met these girls, and while they seem nice, telling them the fact that I'm gay didn't seem like the wisest thing at the moment.

"What?" Lisa asked, between laughs, but I just shrugged it off.

"Hey Caleb, we were going to work on some music for our final block," Jay finally said, after regaining control over herself, "You don't mind do you?"

"No, not at all," I quickly found a chair and took a seat as the trio made there way to the piano. About fifteen minutes past and all I heard was the sound of soft piano music. At some point I dowsed off to sleep and…

"Caleb hunny," My mom yelled to me, "It time for you Piano lesson."

I jolted back wake. Apparently Jay took notice, because she was soon by my side.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah," I lied, "I'm fine."

"Well, were finished," she said.

I stood, my eyes locked on the grand piano that sat at the center of the floor. My mother's words echoed through my mind. I wordlessly step up to the piano, and placed my fingers on the keys. I looked up and saw Jay, Lisa, and Beth all looking at me half in concern and half expecting. I then let my finger sin and strike the keys I had been taught to so many years ago. And after about twenty seconds of piano cords, I opened my mouth, and my voice joined the piano's melody in a tune I was all too familiar with.

To Be Continued…

I hope everyone likes my first Chapter. I know it's a bit long, but I'm trying to introduce a wealth of characters as well as explain as much about Caleb as I can. The next chapter will probably be a bit shorter. I know I haven't yet introduced Blake or Mrs. Corbett. Both are big parts to the story, of course you already knew that about Blake, lol. The next chapter will be from Blake's POV. I hope to have it up soon!!!