Just One Short Story AboutThe Origi

The Origi are one of four great races that exist in the world of Jahrz: The Origi, the Ancients, the Divine, and the Alchemists.

What...is a vampire? Well...that depends. The wild vampires, the small ones with no intelligence whatsoever and are usually born of human bodies that have been left to rot by other vampires. The Moon Creeper vampires, the ones that are best at curses and just obsess with blood, blood, blood and blood. Then there are the Sun Bathers, vampires who can walk beneath the sun with no threat, those who have more complex thinking patterns and actually have a possible conscience. Then there are...the Origi.

An Origi. What's that you ask? Well, to answer that...


"Miss....little......blood-sucker........ MUST you do that....again......and again.........and again..............AND AGAIN!?!?!?!?!?!?!" The thinly, squiggly looking amphibian starts yelling loudly over the desk at the seventeen-year-old girl, her hair blowing and her sitting body swaying that way from the force of his voice.

"Well sorry, he was getting on my nerves and I hadn't had a nice meal i-"


"Sigh.. Yeah yeah yeah.."

"Every single time I go send you off on a job, you always end up KILLING them! Even on a simple job as this last one! Oh gods! You were just supposed to go and nap a little information from him! But you went ahead and killed him before he even said anything important!!!"

"Siiiigh... Look, he really ticked me off. He didn't even look reliable anyhow. And besides, I told you, I recieve basically any knowledge I need from a person's blood. If you would just ask poli-"

"Politely? Oh... And... How am I supposed to believe you? And why do I need to ask you? You are UNDER me you shit sucking godforbidden cold-blooded slu-!" The girl growls and she's on him in a second.

"That is the hundreth time you were about to call me a 'slut'. Let me tell you something." She lifts him from the floor above her head and smirks up at him. "I am in absolutely no way a 'slut' and I am certainly not underneath you. And as a plus, I don't suck shit. Oh, here's a little piece of good news too." She smiles sweetly as she watches the frog demon choke and struggle to escape the death grip of her hand around his throat. "I've just decided I have no interest in your powers anymore. Bye bye." -Squish-


"Poor Csestra, she has to come and resort to getting help from the 'weakest' vampire of us eight."

"Shut up you stupid lover boy!"

"Hahaha, but Csestra, if I shut up, how will you know that I'm peeking at you through the keyho-eep!" The young, yet very attractive, looking man ducks to avoid the little bolt of energy that came out through the keyhole he'd been looking through.

"I swear it Draquis, one of these days I'm going to kill you."

"Ah, that would be fun, wouldn't it? I look forward to it my lovely dominatress."

"Ugh. You know, I'd rather be having pain with Lithe than I would you, my dear playful Dacohnt."

"What? Why? I was so very kind to let you use my special hot tub! You'd be all covered with warts by now if I hadn't! And you'd be sick for atleast a week before the poison is counteracted. Frog poison is much worse than toad, and you've gone through that before. I have to ask though, just how do you get into so much trouble with amphibians?"

"Ohhhh, I don't know!! I guess my being Knowledge means my sworn enemies are the dumber beings in this world."

"Oh dear. Does that mean my sworn enemy is hate?"


"Alright! I'll come in and drop myself in the hot tub with you! EEP!"


"Phooey. You're lucky it's a full moon night."

"Yeah...and so are you..."

"Oh fine fine fine. I'm going. I have a nice selection of meals if you get hungry my sweet."

"Oh great, thanks, now I know I HAVE to avoid the dining hall."

"Haha, I love you."



Silith comes out of the room with a towel around her, silvery violet hair still wet with water, and a pair of small black-purplish wings, dripping on the floor. At the right side of her neck there is a small strange mark and on her forehead is...a stress mark. A huge one. "DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAQUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Yes darling? Finally out of the tub are you? It's already nine o'clock. You can see the moon so brightly. It's almost time for moon-gazing you know. By the way, very nice look. I can't believe just how beautiful you look in a big towel that's long enough to cover your private parts but short enough to show a -lot- of leg."

".....What....have you done....with my clothes....?"

"Oh what does it matter? I haven't dunked it into a huge pot of wonderful perfume this time, so no need to worry. I do, however, wish to dunk you into that pot of mine. Without the towel of course." The taller vampire takes a step closer to put an arm around the other's waist and leans in close for a kiss. Before he can do that, however, he recieves a kick in the balls and well...all he can do is yelp and cringe, trying very much to hold in the pain from his testicles. "Oh...ow...ee....ooo....oh.....roof.......on the line......drying.........washed off.........frog blood...............oof..." He falls on his side, still trying to hold in his pain. Damn! She really kicks HARD... Well, that's her. Oh lovely seductress of the night.

"....Thanks..." She turns away and teleports to the roof. She doesn't want to walk around with just a towel on. However, she does somewhat regret going straight to the roof. "........GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY CLOTHES YOU PERVERTED POWER-OBSESSED DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!"

"Oh, a devil am I? Then what of you? Hm, Silith?"

"Just give them here Lithe!"

"I told you to just call me Lexus."

"Well I'm sorry, Lithe, but I'd rather call someone I'm not very familiar with by last name. And besides, it fits you well, after all, Lithe means Power."

"Why yes, I am powerful. The most powerful of the eight of us. You agree with that I see."

"Noooo, I agree that you are power-obsessed. Now give me my clothes back! Hey! HEY! THAT'S MY UNDERWEAR! DON'T YOU DARE TO- OH MY GODS!!!!!!!!!!!! GET THAT FILTHY NOSE AWAY FROM THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Boom! Dust...and a whap! Along with a nice big "OW!"

Silith comes out of the dust while waving it away, now in her black leather clothes again, the mark on her neck hidden from behind the band that holds her top up. Lexus also comes out of the dust pulling a bath towel off of his head and rubbing the rather big lump on it.

"You always did like to fwap me."

"Don't misunderstand me Lithe, I only like to fwap, I don't particularly like the fact that I have a reason to fwap you."

"I do. Ahh!" Silth bends over and holds a hand above her eyes, looking far down as she watches the big vampire tumble down the slanted roof and fall down about....six stories down to the ground. "....ouch....."

"Well...that was mean of me, now wasn't it?" She smiles and shrugs. "That did good with a lot of stress. Well, time to go now."

"Shall we go together then, Silith?"

"AH!" Silith jumps and loses her balance, but instead of falling off the roof like Lexus had, she hovers off the roof with her small pair of wings. Well, atleast her wings can work fast, unlike Lexus's big ones. She sighs and lightly steps back onto the roof. "Peter.."

"Sorry ;; I was just on my way when I saw you here on top the roof of Draq's mansion. I didn't mean to surprise you."

"You never do..."

"Um...heh....well, would you like to go then?"

"....sigh....Yeah, sure, fine. I do wonder sometimes how I almost always end up going with you though."

"Oh, that's just because I'm lucky enough to go with such a nice girl."


"Well, you are seventeen, physically anyhow."

"....whatever. Let's go."

"Yes ma'am." The rather normal looking vampire smiles and takes Silith's hand before the two disappear.


"ACK! STOP IT! STOP IT! YOU'RE CHOKING ME!!" A young and handsome-faced man blinks at her and releases her from his tight warm hug. "OH my gods....geezus....thank you... Nice to see you're well Carence.."

"Thank yo-"

"Have you asked her out yet?"

"EH!?" Carence jumps back and looks at her with surprise. "Wha-what do you mean???"

"You know what I mean. Mortri. Have you asked her out yet? And yes, this is payback for hugging me. Ugh.."


"You mean you haven't. Okay.. Poor guy. You really need to let her know so you can FINALLY get rejected or kissed. Geez.."


"Yeah yeah, I know. Geez, how can a vampire be so shy?"

"Well.I'm.sorry. I can't help it though. Who can?"

"Draquis? Lithe? Perhaps me...with them.."

"Sigh.. Fine. Don't compare me with Basche then."

"Bilverone? Why? You two are very much ali-WAIT!" Silith's hand freezes up in the air as she was about to hit him. "Can't we talk this out? Heh? Eheh?"

"....Fine, you're my friend after all, sure."

"Friend hm? Then what am I? A mere escort?"

"Oh, sorry Peter. You're a friend too. A rather startling one, but a friend...I guess..."


She shrugged and waved a wing at him as she walked over to the edge of the cliff they were standing on. "Well it's not like we spend a lot of time together. Usually you're gone or you pop up all of a sudden on the strangest of occasions."

"Should I do that too then?"




"Lady...you really need to hit me like that more often. OW!"

"Grumble grumble.."

"Oh Leeeeeeexuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus!!!!"

"Ah, Bilvey!"

"Oh dearie, what happened? Csestra hit you again?"

"Yep. Felt great too."

"Good for you. Ugh, I absolutely hate this day. You know I don't nearly have as much strength in my nails as I do on new moons. I almost hurt myself dealing with a rather heavy golem today. It wasn't even worth it either. It was just heavy, it had no gold at all, and the face jewels were ruined so much that even polishing wouldn't save them. And then Peter here picked up a tear gem from somewhere very much nearby and he wouldn't give it to me! I hate him!"

"Bilve, I'm right here you know. And besides, finders keepers, right?"

"Ohhh, don't you get smart with me Mr. Lucky. Your fortunate days will come to an end sooner or later. Nobody has a lifelong supply of luck."

"Oh? Well I'll be waiting right there when your luck runs out Bilve."

"Ohhh, you!!"

"Urusai. I already have a migraine. You all know how sensitive my head is on full moons." A silent and air-splitting cold voice quiets the two vampires and a more sophisticated and somewhat older looking woman walks up to sit next to Silith.

"Garlinda, dear, you've actually decided to join us for once."

"Yes well, I just woke up actually. I am in no condition to dance either, so I just decided to come here.."

"Well, I guess that's good. Atleast there won't be any fighting."


"You know none of us like to get you upset. Very scary. Even though you're supposed to be Grenif, the Light."

"True...but it's the same with Mortri. The Dark, but she's the gentlest of us all I'm sure."

"Hahaha, well I'm sure of that too." Silith smirks and steals a glance at Carence who is now looking awed by the sudden presence of Masota Mortri. "Otherwise Carence wouldn't have such a crush."

"You don't have your own opinion..?"

"Hm...my own opinion...well, I'm not very well aquainted with Mortri. I've seen her dance once though. Her movement isn't particularly graceful, like yours, but it certainly gives one a sense of...mystery... And I know she's rather attracted to darkness and its ways. I don't know her enough to have an opinion though."

"Always the thinkative one.." Silith shrugs at Garlinda's comment and whaps Draquis on the cheek with a wing.

"I guess, but hey, atleast it's an excuse to not have an ideal boyfriend." She laughs softly and pushes Draquis's head into the ground when he sits up again. "It's a hell lot easier to know I don't care who I'm with as long as I'm not really with them." Another laugh and she then catches the poor vampire in a headlock when he revives again so quickly. He keeps choking and she keeps smiling. "Such a nice moon this month though, don't you think?"

"I like the winter moon better…"

Masota sits down next to Garlinda. "I like the new moon best."

"I know.. Ow >. ;;" Carence winces as Silith elbows him hard. He knows it means that he should have sat next to Masota instead..

"I hate all of them. They're either silver or black. I only like gold." Bilverone sits down next to Masota, Lexus sitting next to her.

"The sun is gold."

"No, that's yellow and orange and red. Not gold. Only money and jewelry are gold."

Peter laughs and sits down behind Silith on top of the poor Draquis, whose face is being continuously pushed into the dirt by the violet-haired girl. Draquis grumbles into the dirt, which Peter can actually understand, that he doesn't like the fact that he is being sat on by another guy. Peter ignores him of course.

"You say you like gold, but I know you like the moon. All eight of us do. We are, after all, the Origi."

She scoffs but doesn't comment as she stares up at the silvery white moon in the dark night sky, along with the others that continue to gaze up at it with a respecting yet sad light in their eyes. Well, except for Draquis who just decides he'll try to sleep since he can't do anything else.

So you see dearies who are reading this, an Origi is another kind of vampire. The best, the most respected, yet the most hated, the most living even if dead, the most emotional, the most various, and the most complex beings you will ever come across, if ever you do. And also the beings you must be most bewaring of. Why? Well...'tis simple.. We are psychotic. Well, tata, until another time! ( When I'll be biting you. )

Silith Csestra. Origi of Knowledge.


Now, just so you all know, this is not my best writing lol It's just a little something I wrote for fun while I was bored. It is, however, the first work I made for my dear Origi vampires and also the short story that inspired me to write more. About these vampires, that is. Also, as a note, this short story has a bit of an anime-ish character to it. As for a word up there, 'urusai', that would be Japanese and it means 'be quiet'. In this case, Grenif would be saying, 'Shut up.' Well, hope this is amusing enough to make you want to read my other works lol R&R please!