Amy-Lee Ashby was never the most social girl in the world. She kept herself to herself and didn't have many friends, and the friends she did have didn't pay her much attention anyway. So what happens when the most popular, richest and cutest guy in school crosses paths with the least popular girl?

Amy-Lee walked into her school; Midfield Free Grammar. It was going to be the same routine as every other day. She pushed her jet black hair behind her ear and walked to her locker. She put in her combination and stepped aside as she opened the door. A water pistol full of silly string fired and it hit the opposite wall. Amy looked at the little set up. The pistol was held in place with a block of wood and the string attached to the trigger was also attached to the door.

"They can't do something as simple as Biology, but they can put together a complex thing like this and make it work? What is the world coming to?" She complained to herself while pulling apart the contraption. She sighed, threw some books in and headed to class. She sat at the front, alone. The class slowly started to fill up. She could hear a lot of the boys messing about at the back. Next thing she knew one of them was standing next to her.

"Yes?" Her jade green eyes met his blue ones. The boy was called Nick, she didn't know his last name. He had bleach blonde hair that brought out his eyes. He stood there with a smirk and occasionally looked back at the boys at the back.

"Can I have your phone number?" He asked, trying not to laugh.

"No." She sat back in her chair. "But you can go to hell."

"Nah, I think you should." He walked off.

"Been there, done that!" She shouted. She didn't hear anything back. Amy sighed. Because of boys like him she started to doubt her looks. She never had a real boyfriend, they were just using her to get back at their ex's. After that Amy decided she couldn't trust another boy again.

"Hey, Amy." A girl sat next to her.

"Hey, Sara." Sara was the only friend that paid attention to what she said, even if it was about something that didn't involved them. Sara was Muslim. She had light brown skin, long jet black hair and brown eyes. She had problems at home and was always talking to Amy about it. "How's things at home?"

She shrugged. "The usual. Did you do the homework?"

"Yeah, only half a page though."

"Same here, it was so hard!"

The he walked by them. Him, 5"9, short brown hair in curtains, deep blue eyes, muscular. He was the richest, most popular and named the sexiest guy in school. He was Adrian Patterson. Amy turned her head and watched him as he sat down. He brushed his hair from his face and looked at Amy. She quickly turned away.

"Ask him out." Sara nudged him.

"No, I'd just be making an ass of myself." She frowned.

"How would you?"

"Oh come on Bano, he'd never go out with me!"

"Yes he would, you are so beautiful. And don't call me Bano."

"Bano!" Amy teased, making Sara laugh. "Besides, I hear he's going out with Nina."

"Rawson?" Sara laughed. "But she so small and he's so tall. How do they kiss?"

Amy shrugged. "Picks her up?" They both started to laugh.

"Alright class!" The teacher walked in. "Today we're going to start studying Macbeth!" She smiled. Amy smiled as well. She loved the witches in Macbeth and knew they'd be studying them. "And to do this I'll be putting you in pairs."

Amy and Sara looked at each other. This wasn't good. The teacher began to look down her register and picked out names as randomly as she could. Placing everyone in a boy and girl pair.

"Nick and…" Amy crossed her fingers hoping it wouldn't be her. "Rebecca." She sighed and relaxed for a moment. The teacher continued. "Adrian and…Amy."

She and Sara looked at each other then she looked at Adrian. He didn't look too bothered. When the teacher was done she looked at the class again.

"Ok. Each pair will be given a scene to study and both of you will make notes and write an essay. Do not copy off each other. Remember, I can tell when you have." She smiled slyly. "Now move into your pairs."

Amy sighed as Sara moved and wasn't sure if she should move to Adrian. He suddenly sat next to her.

"Hey." He said dryly. She just nodded. The teacher placed a script infront of them.

"Oh, the scene where Macbeth goes to see the witches." Amy thought out loud, sounding interested. Adrian looked at her, eyebrows raised. "Uh…I meant…" She shut her mouth and looked away from him and started to make small notes in her book. Occasionally her mind would wander and she'd doodle something in the margin. Something simple, like a face. The class was really loud and she was finding it difficult to concentrate.

"You want to do this somewhere quieter?" Adrian's voice pulled her to reality.

"Huh? Oh! If you want." She watched as the teacher stepped out of the class. Immediately something was thrown at her. It hit her in the back of the head.

"Hey, Amy!" Nick called. "What about your email address!?"

"Go to hell!" She shouted. Nick mimicked her making a few lads laugh.

"Can I have my water pistol back sometime soon as well!?" They started to laugh again. Amy felt like crying. She stood up and ran out of the room, leaving everything behind. She ran into the girls bathroom, into a cubical and locked the door. She sat on the toilet lid and cried quietly.

The bell rang for next lesson. She heard the door to the toilets open and someone called her name.


"Where are you?"

"In here." She unlocked the door with her foot. Sara looked at her.

"You want anything?" She asked and handed Amy her bag.

"Pair of scissors?"

"Amy!" Sara scolded. Amy just shrugged.

"What did Miss say?"

"She talked to Adrian then told off Nick. Gave him a detention."

"Ok. What have we got now?"

"Child Care."

"Yay, no lads." Amy smiled slightly.

At the end of the day Amy dared to go back to her locker. There was a note stuck on it.

Watch out for the pie.

Amy sighed, put in her combination and ducked. The cream pie hit the wall. She sighed and looked at it, slowly breaking into tears. She rested her head against the locker below hers and tried to fight them. But alas, she lost the fight and the tears ran down her face. She spotted a note on the floor and picked it up.

"Probably says 'ha ha' or something like that." She opened it and looked at the familiar handwriting, it matched the note.

Meet me in the main hall after school. I've got practice so you'll have to wait a bit.


She didn't want to see Adrian now. Not after what happened in English and that she was crying now. But she couldn't resist. She knew he was in a band and wanted to watch and see what kind of music they did. But she also wondered if he'd poke fun at her, or just be kind. She hoped it was the second one…

Poor Amy-Lee huh? I'll make things better for her...then worse!