Goodbye, Goodbye

It's stirring in the emptybox sort of way
to be left to oneself
despite scarlet no's and famous last words (no, really)...
so it is: More than I thought -
and all I muse is goodbye, goodbye

It's nearly raining, and I find I like it;
how could I word this
other than to observe its tumble and nod (yes, that)?
So it is: No epilogue in that sky -
and all I see is goodbye, goodbye

I wish I could have sworn myself never's enemy,
but, really, neither exists;
it's only the constant motion of time (and its slaves)...
so it is: The floor of abyss -
and all I recall is goodbye, goodbye

The awakenless night is no vain heart's desire
if you will not close your eyes,
though still, we could awaken less (it is trialsome)...
so it is: No lingering dream -
all this is now is goodbye.