Love in the Air

Hello little candle, what do you seek?

You're glowing with pride, yet so humble and meek.

What's this I hear that you've found your true love?

Is it that beauty in the chandelier above?

She seems to be winking with her bright yellow flame.

If she really does like you, she's playing her game.

Would you like some help to speak to her on high?

I'd love to grant you the power to fly.

Now just look at you, a hovering light,

Don't you seem lovely in the warmth of flight.

You should be proud of the love that you hold.

Now don't be afraid, be brave and bold.

She's waving at you with a smile on her lips.

I don't think she's up to any more tricks.

So carry on, and don't be too long.

Your spirit may fly, but the gift won't hold on.

You have just until the last strike of three

To make yourself heard, so hurry, you'll see.

I wish you good luck on your journey of heart,

But I am afraid that now we must part.

I hope that I will see you another time,

Another song, another riddle, another poem, another rhyme.