this is the prologue! don't worry all the other chapters will be much longer than this one!

Humans- ordinary people, who live their life polluting their only home, Earth. People who only care about money, fame, fashion, and illegal things. They are unaware of the dangers and mysteries below them. Unaware of the chaos that will consume the world if one of them found out about the beings beneath their feet.

Demons- monsters in hiding that live in sewers, the bottoms of various bodies of water, and anything else under ground where the humans won't find them. Most like to trick the wretched people who forced them to remote regions under cities or oceans. Others tend to keep to themselves, but, occasionally, like to steal something from the humans.

Of course all the adult demons do the stealing, for they can sneak in and out of locations and not make a sound. The young ones are great burglars, too, but they have a tendency to knock over a lamp or two.

Most demon children are orphans, who make a living of helping adults with chores or burglary. But even so, the children do not get that much kahvs, or demon money from helping with such tasks.

Among adults, there are thousands of demons who of which are famous for how they steal, and what they steal. Among young ones there is only a handful of famous ones.

Two demon children are making their way to the top. Their names are Klay and Tohru.

The two brothers are known for their elemental powers and vast collection of human technology.

But sometimes great stealing can lead to a terrible inconvenienceā€¦